Striped Drapes

Inquiring minds need to know where I bought my drapes, who made my drapes and if I painted my drapes.  Well, I hate to let you all down but, round these parts, I make my own drapes.  They are called Window Mistreatments because I do it all wrong, I rarely sew, it takes 5 minutes and it ends up looking good enough.  You can read all you want to here at the Window Mistreatment Category.  And after reading how I’ve done it before, I’m sure you can figure out how I clipped up my fabric here. I have yet to be arrested for having unlined, unhemmed drapes.  If I ever do get arrested, I’ll have to come here and raise my bail money.

Every day I get 4 emails asking about the fabric.  I don’t know the name of it but, I purchased the fabric from Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC.  The white is a tiny bit off white and the brown has a hint of olive.  Perfect for this room.  I started the mistreatment ebook over a year ago.  I am the worlds biggest procrastinator.

Mary Jo’s like all fabric stores, has a TON of fabric, what I choose had the stripes running the opposite way than what I decided I wanted so, I did have to pull out my sewing machine to make it work.  You don’t have to sew to have horizontal striped drapes~the shortcut would be to simply buy fabric with the stripes going the other way, which is not hard to find.

Updated:  According to Mary Jo’s this fabric has been discontinued, I never found out the name, but check the comments for all sorts of ideas on how to get your hands on something similar.

In other news, yesterday’s comments were fantastic.  They conjured up memories of childhood plants. On the left, Emily and I are taking a backyard garden tour from our Great-Grandpa, I tried to act interested in the vegetables but, I really just wanted to make our way over to the thick row of peonies and pick them all.  On the right we are apparently trying out for the circus.  But see that stick with a few leafs at the end of it?  That was our rose.  I think it bloomed once a year and I was enamored with it.


  1. OMG, I LURVE those drapes! I must learn to sew so that I can make them as well!

  2. This inquiring mind would like to know the name of your paint color :) Last year I painted my kitchen Beechnut by Valspar and I LOVE it! I continued the color into my living room and it’s just not working for me :( Bummer, too…it took $110 and 3 days to get the job done *STINK* Anyway, I love the warm, rich color of your walls and I’d love to see if I could find it in my area so I could check it out.

    • Julie, on the sidebar of the blog is a category dropdown menu. click on “paint” and you will see the post about paint in this room. I think the title of the post is “the art of elimination”

  3. I always love photos of your home. Your clean lines inspire me and make me want to change up my decor. I have exactly the opposite color scheme in my home so it’s fun to see yours and the crispness of the feeling it brings. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  4. Lynne in NC says

    Luv Mary Jo’s. When I describe it to gals who’ve never been there, I’ll tell them “imagine you’re in a W*Mart full of fabric, notions and trims, that’s Mary Jo’s”. Your family room is looking awesome. Peace.

  5. LOVE the look of those thick stripes in there!
    It’s very… pottery barn meets Ballard Design.
    Ooo… doesn’t that sound heavenly? lol.

    Thanks for all your daily inspiration.
    Shelley Smith

  6. I’ve been anxious to hear about that fabric…not because I need anymore at the moment…just because I wanted to see more of them. ;o) YES! You should def. do the mistreatment ebook! People ask me *constantly* at least once a week about my own mistreatments, and I always direct them to you.

    Side note…I had a rose myself when I was a little girl, and it was def. the Charlie Brown rose, but ohhh, how I loved that spindly thing.

  7. Love that fabric! Nice choice!! And to me curtains are the easiest thing to make! Those and pillows — they are quick and easy!

  8. I love the way the fabric works with the wall color and the white of your slipcover. I think your mis-treatments come out so good people just can’t believe it! As a heads up, I mention you {and you scrapbook paper backed china cabinet) in my recent post today about my bookcase.

  9. Oh, goody! A mistreatment ebook! That’ll be wonderful.

    I love-love-love your mistreatments and have read every single post you’ve ever written about them. I must say, though, that when I saw these wonderful striped creations, I figured you must have bought drapery panels. Can’t wait to see how you put these together. :)

    I do love that fabric!

  10. just LOVE your blog … and many of the things in your home!! now about the chalkboard, the whited-framed one with ‘dwell’, can you clue me in to how you made that? i’m just assuming you made it somehow and didn’t purchase it. but if you did buy it, can you tell me where? i’d love to do something like that for my newly refurbished dining room!

    thanks for all the inspiration, you ROCK …

  11. Oh I make all of my drapes too and I love yours. They are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  12. At first I thought you were crazy for slipcovering that beautiful toile sofa but now I think it looks awesome in the room. I’m loving your color scheme!

  13. M Curtis says

    I almost cried when I saw the words Mary Jo’s… I live in Scotland now but am from NC/SC. My mother in law gave me a hydrangea when my first son was born that I loved as much as our lab. My friend was supposed to transplant it to her house as I didn’t think they would let me in the UK carrying a plant in my arms. When she went back months later the new owner had dug it up because “it looked so ugly in the winter” ahhhhhhhh!!!! My sister and I used to get tours of my grandad’s garden when we were little—I’m going to have to take a break from your blog as you are making me so homesick!! I miss Target and free refills……….you’d think I’d say my family : ) I wish you could see the flowers over here–Edinburgh is in full bloom and it’s beautiful.

  14. Dying to find out the manufacturer of this fabric. I have Mary Jo’s doing a search for me. If anyone knows….help a girl out?

    • Jennifer says

      Did they find it? : )

      • Also hoping to find some information on that striped fabric! It’s one of the first things I noticed in the room and I knew I had to find the fabric to make my own. What can I say, I can’t come up with original ideas, but I know a good one when I see it!

  15. Christina says

    I am dying for you to finish that e-book!! I’d pay $100 for it. lol-almost! Please, please hurry!

  16. I’m interested to read your ebook because I would love no sew, low cost curtains exactly like these for my Beach Themed Guest bedroom. Different colors of course!

  17. Now that I look back at pictures of my guest room, the colors of your striped curtains would actually go very well! I wish I could score some of the same fabric. Check out my room if you have time:

  18. i love that you hung them horizontal and not vertical! love them! they totally make the room….oh and that big fat slipcovered sectional! btw: where did you get the canvas of the boys hanging on the wall?

  19. Nester, I want to be you when I grow up. I don’t have one drape in my house. Why? Because they are so darn expensive and I can’t decide on material. But I just decided I want those drapes in my living room!

  20. I love your “mistreatments” but what I really want to know about is your “dwell” pic! Love it! Where did you get it?

  21. I absolutely luurrved your red/black/toile living room prior to the makeover and thought I could never love the room as much once you started brining in the robin’s egg blue. Was I every WRONG! I love the new look now that you’ve got it all “finished” (we’re never really done decorating, are we?!) and am using the pic you posted today as my inspiration photo. Now if I could just find those darned pillows. I’ve hit up my local HomeGoods every day in the last two weeks, the workers there must think I’m a stalker!

  22. I love your stripes, Nester! But I think you could staple potato chip bags to your window frames and make it look cool. ;)

    I’d love to give your eBook a try when you finish it…sounds like something right up my alley!!! :)

  23. Love those curtains. I must say you had inspired me to go ahead and, ahem, mistreatment my windows too. I asked my Mom to please, please come down and visit us for as long as she could possibly stay with us and please, please teach me how to make simple curtains and she did! She’s an amazing Mom! They were for my kid’s rooms. Anyway I’m so thrilled with how they turned out that I’m very tempted to clog up your email with some pictures of them, since you’re site got me to get up and actaully take on that project and all! LOL-

  24. Nester,

    Yay! Window mistreatments! That’s where my Nester stalking all began…:)

    Our wagon train is headed out pretty soon, and I cannot wait to try new mistreatments on a blank canvas. Thanks so much for helping me make my home much more home-like! Love you and your rockstar ideas!


  25. Can you please tell me how wide the stripes are on the fabric? I love it too! You inspire me and my hubby may not be too excited about that. ;)

  26. Love the new mistreatments! I’ve done some around here too that I’ll be posting about soon. :)

    You’re brilliant, thanks.

  27. my oh my, you sure have a pretty living room :]

    how are things with the new pup?

  28. Loving them!

  29. Hi! I’ve been pouring over your website for the past few weeks – so fun. Earlier today I think I saw a bathroom in which you hung a round mirror on top of the regular bathroom mirror. Am I delusional? Because now I can’t find it at all, and I want to show my sister since she Must do this in her powder room. Please help?! Thank you many times for all the inspiration.

  30. Are you reading my thoughts? I had decided today after doing much online searching (and no luck) that I was going to email you about your wide stripe drapes. I’m very close to painting my own stripes on white curtains – but would rather not. Let’s hope I find some fabric soon.

  31. I saw a similar fabric to your drapes on–there is a photo on the home dec page and it also comes in a blue stripe which I want for our living room and cannot find anywhere on their website.

    Of course, I would never have even noticed it if you hadn’t had it first. I love you and your style. And you and Chad were officially the first people we told we were pregnant!!!! Due December 3. :)

  32. I love your new family room design! With the new slipcovers, drapes and furniture arrangement…it looks fabulous! Did you give us a tour of the whole room yet? It looks so fresh and fun. Thanks for sharing!!

  33. I totally LOVE them and I say this after I searched everywhere for the fabric you used on your other living room mistreatments you had up (still love those!).

    I thought I had missed something so I’m glad you posted about it.

  34. And I was hoping I could just hop online and order them. Stink, stink, stink. Don’t know if I’m ambitious enough to try “sewing” something. I really mistreat stuff! :)

  35. I have a similar photo of me in my grandaddy’s garden. :) Such nice memories.

    Also, I did my first mistreatment!!! It’s in my son’s nursery. Well, honestly I picked out the “curtains” which are actually cashmere throws from Marshall’s – $14.99 a piece, cheaper than any curtain panels I found that I liked. My friend Jenni who is an awesome friend came over and hung them up with the curtain clips, making the fringe on the edges fall just so for me after I had him and didn’t feel like doing anything! Kelly

  36. Oh my geez, I love those curtains. I am so glad someone said something because that was the first thing I noticed in the picture. Would love to learn more about them. cant wait.

  37. Wonderful curtains… and the sectional and corner that you thought just didn’t go together look so welcoming and attractive–so impressed that you tried it! Mistreatments brought me to you… maybe your e-book will make me brave enough to try a couple myself… please include your ‘principles’ like hanging curtain rods up high and things like that, I need them, but can’t really remember most of it!

  38. hi nester, i hate to be a bother, but could you please tell us about the huge b/w pic of your boys up on the wall? is it a photo blown up? i am assuming it is one of those canvases? love, love it…..thanks, tina :)

  39. I LOVE that striped fabric for the mistreatments!! Can you let us know the name/type of fabric asap?? I looked at the Mary Jo’s website and searched under “stripes” but couldn’t seem to find it! I’d love to order that!

  40. You never cease to amaze me!!! I wish I had your talent!

  41. Okay, I looked it up on Mary Jo’s website and I am now wondering if the fabric used on your curtains is by chance Calypso Linen by Roth and Tompkins??? You can find it here…

  42. Amber, I came across that Linen Fabric on the Mary Jo’s website too, and was wondering if that was the one. I’m not sure if the color is the same though…hard to tell. Nester, PLEASE Advise :) :)

  43. I thought the same thing. I also noticed the fabric on the website had vertical stripes and Nester has horizontal. I like Nester’s version the best and have been looking for the perfect striped fabric in those colors for quite some time now. Maybe it is something from the same maker.

  44. I agree! I like Nester’s version the best and have been looking a long time for a fabric like that too! Hopefully she enlighten us soon on the name/manufacturer so we can order!

    • So sorry I never got back!!! When I went to Mary Jo’s a few weeks after this post, they were OUT of the fabric and told me it had been discontinued. So now I don’t even know the maker. Hate me.

  45. Jennifer says

    Is there anyway you can give us a timeline on the ebook? A guestimate? I am (not so secretly) hoping to mimic these for the summer. I am want to enjoy them as long as possible. ; )

  46. I LOVE those drapes…actually I seem to love your whole house! So cute. Love your color choices. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, is that mirror above your white dresser spray-painted? Love that color. I just made a bulletin board using a very similar frame (painted it white), but I’m liking your color better. Might have to change it up!

    • I’d love to know more about that mirror color also! Love that color! If you have time I’d love to know if it is spray painted or painted and if you know the color….

  47. Hi, love the room. It is beautiful! Can you tell me about the sillouette? I saw something similar on a website link from better homes and gardens (I think) Anyway, you send in a picture and they do the sillouette, but it wasn’t cheep. Did you pay big bucks for yours? Or do you have a trick for doing an inexpensive one?

  48. Such a fun and inspiring site. Love it!

  49. I feel like I’ve won the lottery! After a lot of searching, I’m quite sure this is THE drape fabric. It’s about $10.98 a yard anywhere you look online. I didn’t find it on Mary Jo’s site anywhere however.
    Waverly Sun N Shade Outdoor Fabric-Soleil Stripe Mocha

    # 9578543

  50. Waverly Sun N Shade Outdoor Fabric-Soleil Stripe Mocha is not the right fabric. If you click on “Enlarge”, it shows you a ruler at the bottom of the swatch. Those stripes are only an inch and a quarter wide. I’m so bummed, I was SO close to ordering it!!

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