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First things, first :: These pillows are from Home Goods.  Y’all know it when you see something you love.  And so do I, the covers are removable so I can wash them.  And for those of you who thought I made them, bless you.  To me, Home Goods is the lamp and pillow store.  Lamps and pillows are my weakness.  Some women like shoes or manicures or trips to Europe or diamond rings, I want a shapely pair of lamps.

In other news, it’s yard sale season.  I’m putting off telling Angela that I can’t go yard saleing tomorrow.  And I asked HER to go with me. I am the worst friend. However, I do have a shiny new app for my iPhone that I cannot wait to use.  A Nesting Place Sponsor, Garage Sale Tracker just contacted me and wanted me to get the word out to you.  Well, they made it easy on me because I am a little too thrilled with their new, free  Garage Sale Tracker app. Hello, is that the most genius app ever?

Look, driving directions!  No more following signs that are wet, written in tiny cursive and falling apart.  Not to mention, flea markets and consignment shops are also listed.  So, even if you are visiting a new town,  you can find the places with the great deals, fast.

So, if you are having a yard sale make sure you list it on Garage Sale Tracker so that everyone can find you.  And, if you are a yard sale shopper, make sure you download the free app.  What?  Did you say you don’t have an iPhone?  No problem, you can WIN ONE!

Garage Sale Tracker is giving away two iPhones! I know, right?  All you need to do to enter is sign up for a free account at Garage Sale Tracker, and then tweet on twitter or do a little blurb on facebook.  Totally painless in light of a free iPhone.  And I have a feeling your odds will be be slightly better than winning Pioneer Woman’s iPad giveaway--there are over 32,000 entries.  Don’t waste your time there, go win you an iPhone.


  1. I have never been a garage sale-r (please don’t cringe), but this little gadget might just be my ticket of encouragement!! No iphone for this gal, but I feel a win coming on! :)

  2. I am so downloading this! Thanks for telling me about it!!
    And the pillows are lovely!!

  3. Gorgeous pillows! Happy happy Friday!

  4. Just added the app to my phone! Can’t wait to use it tommorrow morning!!

  5. What a great idea- especially for those of us who are “directionally” challenged!

  6. That is so awesome! I hope I win so I can use that nifty app on MY NEW iPHONE.

    That’s right. I am one of the 5 people in the world that do not have an iPhone and it sucks rocks.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous pillows, thanks for the info, I too am a pillow and lamp girl. I would much rather spend money on those things…

    Best wishes,

  8. WOW!! Now to win an iphone!!

  9. ruthann says

    I’d love to win an iphone and replace my difficult to use cell phone. but, at least I do have a phone, so I can’t complain!
    I live in the Pacific NW. Do you know what our equivalent of your “Home Goods” store would be out here??

  10. ruthann says

    I blurbed on my FB page:
    [RuthAnn XXXXXXXX: I signed up for an IPhone app: garage sale tracker.
    now I just need to win an iphone!!

    Hope that’s what you were looking for to enter in the drawing!

    • great! did you click on the Garage sale tracker link and sign up for a free acct? {it’s painless}. you have to do that too. Hoops, but, you know, free iPhone.

  11. ruthann says

    never mind, just realized it is on their webpage! Silly me!

  12. Another reason to want and iphone. Technology at its best – finding yard sales no less!

    Home Goods finally has pretty lamps again. It was pretty scary there for a while. And it is a great place for pillows. Now if they could just do something about their greens…

  13. Janet C says

    My cell phone is 8 years old, I’m due for a newbie!

  14. i adore the fabric pillow and those 2 shapely lamps in the background. garage sale tracker? ingenious? a woman must’ve created it!

  15. Don’t feel bad blissful – no iphone here either! It would be a great toy for me (I’m not a big cell phone user but would love the aps), but so far, I have resisted. Love the phone itself but not the service plan $$$.

    I’m not into yard sales either, but I keep telling my hubby we should give it a start. We’re in the country, but I bet we could find some good sales in the city.

    Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


  16. Can you tell me the brand of the pillows? I tried looking at my Home Goods store, but they didn’t have them :( I hope I can find them online.

  17. I guess the people in my area of Virginia still live in the Dark Ages, b/c no sales come up in my area, but the newspaper has a whole page listed. We don’t live too far from DC, so that’s a little surprising to me. But for people who live in areas that make use of GarageSaleTracker, I bet it’s invaluable. :)

    • I KNOW, people need to list their sales there AND craigslist, and the paper!

      Last year, there were very few for my area, this year there are many more–it’s catching on!

  18. Oh the pillows are beautiful, but I would love a new iPhone. Yes, I already have one. I got the new 3g when it came out, but it got broken so I paid to have it replaced, only to have it stolen. I am using an old Edge version, which is wonderful, but miss my updated one. Is that being greedy! I am off not to go download the app to enter to win!

  19. SHUT up!!! Those pillow covers are store bought?! I could track down a Home Goods and find the exact same things?! YES!

    It’s funny you mentioned the P.W. I just printed some of her recipes last weekend and have been cooking them this week. Oh honey hush, it has all been amazing. Restuarant Style Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Enchiladas, Brisket. I did food reviews on them all today and I gave it all 5 stars. Sister can cook!

  20. I need an I-phone so people stop complaining that I don’t have one! And, that sounds like a great app for people like me who are directionless and NEED step by step help to get places!

  21. A garage sale app for the iPhone. That is ridiculously clever. Why can’t I think of a good app? It must be wonderful to have that kind of great idea.

    I’m with you on the pillows and lamps. Although I do like some of that other stuff, too, I have to admit. But if it comes down to a manicure or a new accessory from HomeGoods, I’ll go for the accessory. Every time.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. ruthann says

    Now that you’ve admitted your lamp weakness, are those 2 different lamps in the pic on your garage sale find? can we see a better/clearer view?

  23. Gasp! O.K., firstly I had to leave your sit to run and enter Pioneer Woman’s Ipad contest. But now that I’m back I have to say I a leaving your site again to go and download the garage sale tracker! Brilliant. I cannot tell you how many garage sales I’ve scouted and located, and mapped out on Friday nights. Now if there was just an ap. for that would wake up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and check all the garage sales for flow blue for me … I’d be set.

  24. I registered for an account and put it out on Facebook. I am one of those 5 people also, BlissfulBabe, who doesn’t have one-small world huh? I want to win it for my dear husband. He is the gadget king!

  25. I love the pillows!! I love Home Goods too. Of course the closest one it about an hour and a half away.

    I’m Tweeting! I’d love to win the iphone.

  26. Kerry V. aka the old fence post says

    Ooooooooooo…please pick me!!! I need so much help in finding all the garage sales:) I dont subscribe to the local newspapers so any help I can get..I will take!!!! I jus love your sight :) I put plates on my walls and just adore them..you are my inspiration ;D too bad some nasty gal on HGTV rate my space said, plates on the wall is so pesse and tacky :( I don’t care, I love them anyways!!! You rock!!

  27. I feel the same way about Home Goods. LOVE that store!!! I also get my rugs there. Oh, and cook books. WAY cheaper than the bookstore prices. But I definitely get my pillows and lamps there, too. Wait, quilts. They have awesome prices on throw quilts. Have lots of them from there. Ok, that’s it I think. :)

  28. Just when I was head over heels for the new garage sale tracker for the iphone I will buy in June {note to self to install it right away} – your post get’s even more amazing and you announce a giveaway for one! Yahoo! I heart Garage Sale Tracker!

    Thanks for hosting this :-)

  29. Hi Nester,
    I almost bought those same pillows a fews weeks ago and didn’t think I had anywhere to put them, now after seeing them in your lovely home, I realized that I do have a place. I hate to make the hour trip to the store and find out they are out of stock. I saw that you gave the name to another person, which could be very helpful. But, I was thinking it might be even better if I can call the store and give them the upc number. Any chance you still have your receipt? Thank you! Maria

  30. Nester!!! I just bought that bedding for my master! We had the walls painted Comfort Grey and I made an upholstered headboard w/our monogram for it!!! I’ll send you a pic. BTW, love the new family room! Beautiful as always…

  31. Dang, I can’t get it in Canada!

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