I shopped the house and made this piece of wall art.

Do you remember seeing that black framed wood in my house before?

I bought it years ago and I remember a few weeks after I bought it I tried to return it because I wasn’t in love with it.  But something weird happened and I didn’t have the receipt and it had been clearanced down to like 19 cents or something embarrassingly less than what I paid for it so I ended up just keeping it.  I liked it ok but, for some reason, a big sheet of glass always bugs me and it was kind of a big piece of generic wood.  I had big plans to one day take it apart and frame my boys baptism gown.

Five years later, I finally got around to taking it apart.  I’m not a professional frame taker aparter so I knew there was a chance I could ruin parts of this piece.  That was a risk I was willing to take.  So I tore off the paper and started prying things apart.

I loved the color of the frame fabric matting stuff and the inset part that has some fancy name.  So that was the part I wanted to save.  Once I got in there, I pulled off the wood so I could use that on some project later and got rid of the glass and then I hot glued the frame back together.

Endless possibilities.

I knew I wanted something natural and I didn’t want to have to purchase anything so I shopped the house until I found the right combination of stuff.  Who knew that I had over 9 different sizes of eggs scattered about?

There’s not much one can’t frame.  You can frame just about anything that you set your mind to.

And I wish I could say that the framed stuff I already had and loved was quietly hanging over my sofa.  Instead, it sits on the floor of my office impatiently mocking me while I try to find the perfect shade of gray for my walls.  I’ll probably trip over it and break it to smitherines this afternoon.

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