White Slipcovers

The Albans House family room design by the talented Joni Webb

Joni’s own home.

Today I thought I’d ask you your opinion on white slipcovers and while I was quickly searching for a photo I knew I wouldn’t need to search further than Cote de Texas.  Lo and behold, if Joni didn’t have a new post up featuring a home she just finished complete with white slips.

I’ve become infatuated with all things white, especially slipcovers.

What about you, do you like white slipcovers?


  1. Love it! Where can I get them? I have been looking and white is very hard to locate!

    Dreaming of white,

  2. I heart them as well…though mine our more of a cream color. And yes, they cover my side of the road, I grabbed on garbage pick up day, couch and love seat. Torn leather taped together by duct tape. And thank the Lord for slip covers because no one will ever know! ;) Yes, I am that ghetto.

  3. PaminOhio says

    I have a cream colored sofa and chair in my fam.room and it’s been fine. 3 grandkids, 2 huge dogs and cat hair galore, somehow I manage to keep them clean. Just because I have these dirty little beings,( I mean the 4 legged kind) I’m not willing to give up on having the colors I want.

  4. LOVE white slipcovers. Love white. Just bought a white slip-covered sofa and I love it beyond words. Still have kids at home and dogs, but we’re learning to live harmoniously. : )

  5. I had white slipcovers and in theory I thought they would look great and they did in magazines when the trend first came out…boy was I wrong, they were so harsh and just too “cold”. Also, I felt too limited on what I could decorate with. So glad to be done with them:)

  6. I love ALL things white, especially sofas and chairs. I could definitely go for a white slip cover in our living room, it would be a huge improvement over the garish maroon and forest green of the 90s. White + slipcovers is easy to, because bleach becomes your best friend. :-)

  7. We have a sage green sofa and I love the warm color in the fall and winter, but I would really like to slipcover it in the spring and summer, probably in white cotton duck – I love the look! Now, if I could only get a Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa…..

  8. Love the white slipcovers but I don’t want to have to wash them all the time. We experimented and bought one of those Pottery barn rattan chairs that has a white slip covered cushion. It’s ALWAYS dirty. Seriously as soon as I wash it and put it back on the chair one of the kids comes blazing by with icky hands and it’s gross again.

    Right now we have brown leather sofas and I love being able to change the room with just some pillows. Plus I just wipe them off with a baby wipe if there is gunk on them.

    Our family room is right off our kitchen so even though the kids aren’t supposed to eat in there the food gets in there somehow. I would maybe try the white in a living room or office where the kids don’t frequent as much.

  9. Yes, I love white slipcovers. When the upholstery on my couch and chair wear out, I plan to get white or off white slipcovers. Right now they are an oatmeal colored chenille type fabric.

  10. Not a big fan of the white. I like color in my life.
    Maybe if i just had a small sitting room just for me but I like people to feel like they can sit on my furniture and not have to worry.

  11. This post deserves a poll. The white slipcover has come to serve as the perfect example of form vs. function. It seems most people here love the way a white slipcover looks (aside from people who are opposed to white as a ‘non color’). But most here would choose function over form in this case.

    I’m torn too. I love the way they look but it would have to be a very high quality cover for me: in terms of fit and fabric. It would have to fit impeccably because I’ve lived with an ill fitting slipcover and it drove me crazy. If I’m having to fluff , tuck & adjust all the time, it’s not worth it. If I’m going to cringe every time someone goes near it, it’s not worth it to me. If I have to iron it after washing, it’s not worth it to me.

    In the list of pros and cons, IT LOOKS GORGEOUS is pretty much the only thing in my pro column right now.

  12. I adore white slipcovers! Hugs, Cindy S

  13. Okay, we have the window treatments in that first picture minus the white panels. I always thought it’d look to busy to put fabric with those dark shades. LOVE IT. It’s so nice to see a version. I might just put up some curtains. Whowouldthunkit…

  14. I am 9 months pregnant and have seriously nesting for the last several months. I have slipcovered my couch and 2 wing chairs in white and I LOVE them. I already have 3 young kids so I hid a velcro enclosure under the binding so that I can rip them off and throw them in the wash (bleach if needed.) It has been a cheap and easy way to change the room! By the way, I used a slipcover tutorial on http://www.muchtodowithnothing.com for the covers and they turned out great!

  15. They give me little butterflies in my tummy, they make me drool, I even turn green with envy. Sigh…. not sure I could use them. I have two wrap around couches. Do they make slipcovers for such a thing???? Going to bathroom for tissue to take care of drool now.

  16. love, love, love me some white slipcovers, but not with 6 kids in the house :) I have been mulling over how to create the same feeling with something not-white, like khaki maybe?

  17. We are a military family, so all white works for us because I never have to worry about a cool colored sofa clashing with previous owners taste. That said, we have nearly white/beige sofas, and they are 7 years old….in desperate need of being clean. I would love to put slipcovers on them, because they like my white towels can be washed in bleach and made to look just like new!

  18. I have white slips on a sofa and chair. Love them! I have two young boys and a dog. I do have a no food rule on the furniture, so that helps keep them clean. To keep them looking fresh, I just take a lint roller to them about once a week. I heard it all from my friends and family when I told them I was going to white. “You must be CRAZY…you’ll regret it!” But, several months later and no regrets.

  19. thank you for this post! i love the look, but am torn by the idea of impracticality. rarely do i read all a blog’s comments, but i did with this one! maybe they will help me convince my husband.

  20. Love the look but not sure if I could live with them without feeling psychotic about keeping them clean.
    I have the Ikea Ektorp sofa and just this weekend I switched from red to tan. While I was washing the tan the couch was “naked” Just white and I was thinking how nice it looked but again not sure if I want to be a slave to my sofa.

  21. I LOOOVE the look, but with four kids and a slobbery dog, I’d be washing them EVERY DAY. Or at least I would think I should be washing them every day. :)

  22. I am a lover…I bought my ikea couch a few years ago..and just whip them off when dirty BUT i washed it in hot water and I broke the zippers off them. So I am a fan…..

    I am also attracted to your red toile couch..when I see it I think I’d like to do my Fam sectional in that print….

  23. I love white too! I have totally turned from my warm cozy natural tones to wanting a Shabby Chic casa, but I am afraid it would be a lot of money and a lot of replacement now as almost everything I own is neutral or warm…
    So I have chosen to make my statement with white pieces tied into the warm neutrals around the house. Our next house I hope to do more of the Shabby Chic if only in one room.

  24. i love mine and recommend them often…the thing with white slips is that you can BLEACH and borax heck out of them..you cant do that with upholstery or even khaki…washing is great but bleach is better!

    i love love love that lantern in the first photo..i have lantern lust. and the pillows.

    Joni is a complete hoot.love her story about how she screeches into the starbucks drive thru “ITs JOniiiiiiiiii” instead of her order..she goes there THAT often! lol!

  25. I have white denim slipcovers on my dining room chairs and I just LOVE them! Maybe you could start with just a white slipcover on a chair and see how you like it. Great post!

  26. Not even an option until I become an empty nester! Love the look though and enjoy pictures of all white rooms. I think I would get bored easily with all white.

  27. I have white pottery barn slipcovers, and 2 boys too! I just bleach them a few times a month.

    Some of the stains haven’t come out 100%, but they get lighter and I love them

  28. Nestor, aw, I owe you a big one. Thanks for this.

    I don’t know if you ever listen to The Skirted Roundtable, (www.skirtedroundtable.blogspot.com) but this week we talk about blogging and jealousy and at one point i talk about you. it’s a cute story if you care to listen to it. I wish I knew exactly at time it comes up on the tape so you didn’t have to listen to the whole thing if you didn’t want to. but anyway. itt’s a sweet story.

    thanks again for this.

  29. My question is where so you get custom “look/fit” slip covers?? Do you have to have them custom made or can your buy them some where? I was always afraid as well and then I thought…hey! They are washable…..a sofa isn’t! So where can I get some???


  30. I’m so sorry….. cuz I love me all things Nester… but no… I’m not a fan. But in my industry… white is a noncolor. HA! White makes me nervous. I do think it looks pretty, but it would last 1.3 seconds in my house before my paint stained fingers touched it, or my 2 year old would smash a gummy bear on it or my 8 year old would accidentally miss the paper and draw on it…….. you get the picture.

  31. As long as they stay in place, unlike my current ones, I LOVE THEM!

  32. What a nice blog, i love it. So well designed, clean and pretty. I will be back.

  33. I’m totally pro white slipcovers! So many are afraid of all white, especially with kids, but I actually think that might be one of the easiest to care for because (if the right fabric) you can wash them and even add a little bleach unlike a colored slipcover. I’ve had all white in my bedroom for a few years and it’s been far easier to deal with (even with two dogs and a toddler) than my taupe couch slipcover.

  34. methinks the all white decor is so far in…it’s out; kinda like tattoos

  35. I have a chair slipcovered in white. I wanted it for years and finally, went for it. Everyone said they were great with kids… you can bleach them. Well, I guess that’s true. I have washed it and bleached it… but I would have to do it continually. Seriously, it is always getting dirty. Someone walks by and gets a drip of coffee on it. Someone eats a cookie on it and gets a dab of chocolate chip on it. Then there’s just general dirt from dirty feet curled up on it. Seriously… it is a pain and I would not do it again!

  36. Love the look! We have a creamy/natural loose fit slipcover from Pottery Barn on our sofa in our family room/play room area. No regrets. If we hadn’t used that slipcover, the upholstery on that sofa would be ruined for sure. I toss the slipcover in the wash every month or two. It definitely gets dirty.

    Also, the major splurge for our daughter’s nursery was a slipcovered rocking chair in white matelasse from Pottery Barn. My friends freaked when they heard that I was going to purchase white slipcovered furniture for a nursery. Honestly, it was a fantastic purchase because we can now use that piece of furniture in any room of our home…it does not scream “nursery” at all and it’s so versatile and well built. It does get dirty…very dirty. My daughter was a reflux baby and from many, many hours of rocking, there was blue jean denim transfer on the slipcover along with many reflux stains. The matelasse is supposed to be dry clean only…however, after it was dry cleaned, it ended up looking worse than it did before I brought it in. I was convinced that the slipcover was ruined. I threw caution to the wind and soaked and scrubbed with Oxiclean and then machine washed using bleach. All of the stains came out and we now have a beautiful and extremely comfy piece of furniture for our living room. I love it…but goodness, it does need to be washed often.

  37. I love how they look…in someone ELSE’S home. I have boys..a contractor husbnd…a big, black and brown dog who sheds a LOT…they would last 4 seconds in my house.

  38. i think i am bipolar in the decorating world…i love white but my houe is full of color. like many other commenters, i think i have been afraid of it. we had an all white bed for years. i loved i but i depended on bleach and the sunshine to keep them crisp and white.

    i always think i need two houses. on full of all the color and another with the cool clean white to go to as a retreat.

  39. Wow. You are very brave. These do look wonderful, but they are simply not practical for my daily life. With two teenagers and a dog, I’d spend more time cleaning them than enjoying them! I’m like jenbc’s idea of having two houses – one for living in, and one as a show home to enjoy. :-)

    Stan Horst
    Publisher: BetterBenches.com

  40. We have had white cotton duck slipcovered chairs for 15 years now! A custom job that fits like a second skin. AND 3 cats, and a messy tea drinker (that would be me….). I love them!!!

  41. White slipcovers are delightful because they let your other colors and patterns stand out!

  42. abby osborn says

    nester, i bought white slip covered couches from ikea 5 1/2 years ago. to say that i love them is an understatement. let me first say that i have a living room and a family room. the white couches are in the living room where my family uses, but not as much as the family room. i have 3 boys ages 11, 9, and 3 1/2 and i love in portland where it is always muddy and rainy! the key is to find a slipcover that comes off and washes. if anything gets my slip cover dirty i take it off wash it in the washer and line dry. i will admit that it does take a whole day to do all of them with the dry time and stuff, but so easy. i have yet to not be able to get a stain off including when my son fell asleep on my white couch, got a bloody nose in the middle of the night and didn’t know what happened till morning. i LOVE my ikea couch. so cheap and looks great.


  43. I love the look of white slip covers. It is so hot right now. I want them but I can;t have them. I have a husband who is fearful of any fabric that might have a cat hair on it, and I have a cat. And even though slip covers are meant to be washed, I know that I could not ever wash them enough to satisfy the man.

    I’m mid-stream in house projects also.

    Just painted my guest room a valspar color: EB12-2 Linen. It is luscious. Waiting to get the draperies etc hung to post a pic. But meanwhile I launched headlong into a few other rooms. it’s getting messy here.

  44. mamashortcake says

    I have white slipcovers on both my couches and 2 chairs in our living room. I also have 4 (soon to be 5) boys ages 9,7,5,2 and due in April. Are they perfectly clean, nope, but it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful – RIGHT??? They are washable, and we do not eat or drink in that room, and yes the children obey that rule, but they do get smudged a lot. No one would notice unless they went looking for it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

  45. amen mamashortcake!! I have white covers, and I feel like that way I can see if they are grubby and need washing. Dark couches have the same dirt, you just can’t see it! This way it feels like the furniture is clean.

  46. What Kate said! I’ve enjoyed reading through this but am having trouble understanding the fear of upkeep issue. Does colored upholstery magically repel grunge, or is it just that red, green, blue or rainbow fabrics just look better with orange paint, chocolate syrup, latte and ketchup? After reading all the posts about messy kids and spouses I’m starting to think I should carry a beach towel around in case I need to sit on a non-white sofa somewhere, lol! Slips are a great choice for anyone with cleaning challenges; I don’t think the color, or lack thereof, should be much of an issue. Also I love the idea of using a blanket or something similar on the sofa cushions as a safeguard. Even with removable slipcovers I do that when I know there will be dogs on the sofa, and at a recent party the coverlet I put down soaked up the inevitable spilled red wine. Only one caveat with slipcovers, make sure they are machine washable; my white, cotton twill cover was speced as dry clean only and that’s what I’ve done. I was afraid it might shrink to doll size otherwise. I would get white again, but only if can go in the washer.

  47. I LOVE my white slipcovers and have been living with them for over 10 years. Little tip to keep them clean and white…. ELECTRASOL. I use to soak them in bleach that works great…just be careful to soak them evenly if they aren’t WHITE WHITE…I weight my down…they tend to want to float to the surface. In fact I soak my hubbies whites in electrasol every once in a while to brighten them up and get out the stains… Another tip for the slip…I never dry mine all the way… I just leave them a little damp so they don’t shrink up….sorry if this info has already been posted, I didn’t read all the comments.

  48. Here is a neat idea to keep your white slipcovers looking white after washing them put lace white table cloth on the back and sofa then all you have to do is take the table cloths off and wash them and also makes less work straighten them up from wrinkling when someone sits on them .just get on one end of the sofa arm and pull the lace table cloth either way presto all the wrinkles are gone in a instant.works wonderful.


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