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Why did I think that angle would be appealing?  I’m getting seasick just looking at it.

I thought it would be fun every now and then to talk about a quick little task we can do in our homes that can add beauty, order, or sanity.  This week’s task:


I am not the originator of shining the sink, that declaration came from the famous FlyLady. Most of you know her and if you are like me you have a love-hate relationship with her and her demands.  But we all know she just wants the best for us and I think she is so wise.  Some of the best advice she’s ever given is to shine the kitchen sink.  Read all about the how and why here.

Nesting Place Please try to ignore the fact that I’m not centered.

Trust me, it’s well worth the few minutes  it takes and once it’s clean, you won’t want it to get dirty again.  It’s like magic.  Once you spend the time to really clean your sink then you become obsessed with drying it out all the time.  And that last step–adding the lemon oil–it’s my favorite part.

Do you shine your sink?

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  1. We just moved to a house with a white sink and no matter what I do, it won’t shine. It gets nice and clean and all – but no shine. It makes me miss my stainless steel sink because there is just something so satisfying as looking at your kitchen, all clean with a bight, shiney sink.

  2. Do I hafta? That Flylady!

  3. Love the fly lady. And love your blog! Happy New Year! BTW Have you seen the new “nest” pillows and bird accessories they have in the pottery barn catelog? I thought of you!

  4. A shiny sink makes a happy heart for me! Love the flylady’s method!

  5. That is TOO funny. The post I linked up to Emily’s and the one at incourage today has the very last line that says “I’m taking babysteps of organization” – you will appreciate the bedlam part of the post. :)
    Totally tacking to leave the link but scroll to the last paragraph…can totally see your guys joining in :)

  6. Today I pulled out all my specialty cleaners and I *cleaned* my kitchen. I spent what seemed like hours scrubbing, organizing, and polishing. It looked awesome.

    For about 30 minutes.

    Then lunch happened. And the little one spilled copious amounts of tea all over the newly polished granite. And groceries were piled everywhere.


    At least my sink is still shiny :-)

  7. Guess that would mean I have to get the dishes out first hu? I am a backsliding Flylady wannabe. Need to get back on the wagon and get busy! I so enjoy your ideas. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  8. I gotta say, I love the FlyLady. I do shine my sink every day and right before bed. I love starting the day fresh and not behind the 8 ball.

  9. yeah the Fly Lady and I have had a love hate thing for about 4 years now. I stopped the emails, but still try to stick to the main principals, and the sink thing is a great one.

  10. I literally JUST posted about this last night, with my process! I do not use bleach though! Baking soda and vinegar for this clean freak!

  11. A little bit of baby oil works a treat on all shiny surfaces!

  12. I have been trying to keep the sink shiny this year! I don’t make resolutions, but I am trying to be tad more organized just to reduce the stress. The Flylady makes me stressed just like I am certain my closets would make her stressed, but I do love her so too!

  13. Lynne in NC says

    I’m FLYing!

  14. we have a farmhouse sink and i bleach that sucker, at least once a week. i love the squeak my finger makes as it runs across the clean sink sides. i know, i am little weird but there really is something satisfying about a clean sink:)

  15. Oh the lemon oil sounds like a perfect ending!

    I have a love hate relationship with the fly lady…after I read I need to wear tennis shoes..that was it for me!

    But, her ideas are good!

    sandy toe

  16. I’m a FlyLady dropout, but I do SCRUB my sink almost every day. It’s white. It’s old. It’s scratched. And BARKEEPER’S FRIEND is the only thing that will actually get all the stains out.

  17. I use Stainless Steel Magic, it shines it up beautifully. I first learned about it when I was working in a high school and that’s what our custodial staff used to make the drinking fountains shine.

  18. Thanks to you, I am now familiar with the Fly Lady and Day #1 for me starts TOMORROW!!!!! Woot! Thanks for the introduction. ;)

  19. Oh girl, that ain’t EVER gonna happen. SNORT.

  20. Yep, I do!!!

  21. I *try* to shine my sink every day. Lately the dishes are washed, but left to air dry- my bad!

  22. When I first go married FlyLady saved me as a new wife. I had been a single girl too long and had no idea how to care for a home with someone else living in it. I have maintained routines and habits to this day that I learned from FlyLady.

  23. I too love the shiny sinks….but I don’t go with her idea of using a scouring pad on my stainless (since it said never to do that when i got the sink). But when I was in Dental Hygiene school after we scrubbed out our stainless sinks in our clinic, we always put a few drops of mineral oil scented with mint and shined the sinks. Those sinks looked brand new even though they were over 20 years old! So thanks for the reminder, I’m going to oil her up from now on! I only wish stainless didn’t scratch :(

  24. I shined my sink before I went to bed & finished it up in the morning. Now I need to clean the rest of the kitchen, but at least it’s a start! Thanks for the nudge to do it.

  25. I’m sure FlyLady is a wonderful human being, but having sat on the fence for a while I came down on the side of life’s too short to shine a sink. I aim for basic hygiene and anything else is a bonus. :)

  26. I love that you reference the flylady… I found her about 6 months ago (about the time when I had my second baby). She is the ONLY reason I get my laundry done! And the sink shining makes me happy (: And so does your blog. Thanks for sharing!
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for about 3 months now.

  27. I scrub my big white porcelain coated cast iron baby with baking soda. I try to make sure it is emptied out before I go to bed (but sometimes my dishwasher is still running, and I am *not* staying up til it is done. Nope. Not with a 2 hr ‘normal’ cycle. No way, Jose…

    I have been making a better effort at containing the choas, as well as to make my home a calmer, neater place in general…

  28. I shine my sink every night. I even bleach it when it needs it. I hate going to bed with gunk in there. I’ve never tried lemon oil though. The same kind you put on furniture?

  29. I did it! I shined my sink and it feels good! My husband looked at me like I was crazy, but it is done. Now I have been drying the heck out of my sink. haha

  30. I LOVE the Flylady. Have you listened to her BlogTalkRadio show? It’s the best!

  31. Yes, I use Barkeeper’s Friend (I buy it in SuperTarget) to clean our stainless steel sink. It’s inexpensive and does an amazing job!

    Nothing like waking up in the am to a sparkly sink!

  32. I am going to attempt to shine the huge stainless steel tub I have in the laundry. It’s never looked nice since before we moved in and it has always bothered me. I know I’m the only one who sees it, but I would feel much better if it looked as nice as the kitchen sink.

  33. My husband used to work as an apartment leasing agent and for their model apartments, they’d take an Armorall wipe–yep, the kind you clean your car with–and wipe it down. It might be a little strange, but it really sparkles!

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