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Why did I think that angle would be appealing?  I’m getting seasick just looking at it.

I thought it would be fun every now and then to talk about a quick little task we can do in our homes that can add beauty, order, or sanity.  This week’s task:


I am not the originator of shining the sink, that declaration came from the famous FlyLady. Most of you know her and if you are like me you have a love-hate relationship with her and her demands.  But we all know she just wants the best for us and I think she is so wise.  Some of the best advice she’s ever given is to shine the kitchen sink.  Read all about the how and why here.

Nesting Place Please try to ignore the fact that I’m not centered.

Trust me, it’s well worth the few minutes  it takes and once it’s clean, you won’t want it to get dirty again.  It’s like magic.  Once you spend the time to really clean your sink then you become obsessed with drying it out all the time.  And that last step–adding the lemon oil–it’s my favorite part.

Do you shine your sink?

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  1. Yes, Maam! I have to actually bleach my sink, because it’s the white porcleian kind, but I get the message…

    And, I LOVE Flylady!

  2. I shine my sink! Best thing about waking up – is not Folgers in your cup. It’s a clean sink. BTW, have you thought of “Nestertia”? Lots of pretty places end with -tia. I wish I could attend your talk in Nashville, but there’s no way I can – is there any place you’ll post notes or an opportunity to buy a CD of your presentation?

  3. Hadn’t ever even thought about it!
    But I’m definitely going to give it whirl now!

    Layla :-)

  4. I have to bleach mine too, but I agree, this is fabulous advice, and really works! BTW, I LOVE that you’re not centered. :)
    Oh! did you mean the button? ;)

  5. Yes, I also shine my sink before I leave the kitchen. Mine is corian…so I use soft scrub with lemon as well to freshen the basin and use windex on my faucet and handles. It’s the best feeling in the world to wake up in the morning to a fresh start. I started doing this before I discovered Fly Lady!

  6. I love this idea so much, I’ve added it to my post today for tips to make it a “good day.” Thanks!

  7. bought a stainless sink for this very reason! our white sink required too much scrubbing! and for those ladies who mentioned they had to bleach, the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day scrubbing powder works WONDERS & smells yummy & isn’t bad for the environment! love it! (i use bleach whenever necessary, but i’m always looking for ways to avoid it!)

    and don’t you hate when you shine your sink & then turn around to see something that needs to be washed? drives me bonkers… enough that i’ve considered throwing away a casserole pan rather than dirty my lovely, shiny sink. : )
    happy tuesday,

  8. thanks for this!!! Totallly going to try it out!!!

  9. Once a week I use this stainless steel cleaner for pans on my sink. So one day out of the week it looks lovely atleast. It actually leaves a protectant on it to keep it nice. I hate not having the sinks rinsed out after they are used though. Drives me nuts!

  10. Yeah, I have the same love hate relationship there. I loathe wearing shoes in the house, and I have two under two, so the whole “you can do anything for fifteen minutes” thing doesn’t always ring true. Yes, you can, if you manage to have them both asleep or otherwise safely occupied, but decluttering doesn’t always top the list. Sometimes, going to the bathroom holds a higher priority! ;)

    But I do love a shiny sink! :)

    • Boy, do you sound just like me! I have two girls (just turned 3, the other 5 months), and I’m doing good just to get the beds made and a load of laundry in by 9am! I also get flylady’s email reminders and most of the reminders don’t get read until 9pm when both girls are in bed and I can actually focus on the 15 min or 5 min jobs. Whew!

  11. We just moved recently so I haven’t done it yet but it’s on my very long list of things to do! (The sink didn’t win out priority-wise in comparison to the hideously ugly can’t-stand-em-another-day ORANGE walls…*had* to paint for my sanity’s sake!) Happy New Year to you & yours!

  12. I can never quite bring myself to face the long and drawn out first-time process of shining my (rental apartment) sink. Though I do try to give it a good scrubbing at least once a week. Maybe I should take the plunge and actually shine it this weekend…

    • One of Flylady’s sayings is “You can do anything for 15 minutes”. She has you set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work. Your sink may not be perfect in 15 minutes, but it will be better than if you didn’t do it at all. I love things to be beautiful and as a result often do nothing because I don’t have time to “do it right”. Flylady has helped me tons.

  13. I try to follow some of flylady’s suggestions too…you’re right, I have a love/hate relationship with them. But the white, porcelin sink in my new kitchen isn’t nearly as fun to shine as my stainless steel one was. What I prefer to shine up is my black smooth top range…it just looks gross if it’s not sparkling (but they are a pain to keep clean…sometimes I wish I had never gotten it).

    Keep shining your sink…this week I’m working on the “swish and swipe.”

  14. Girl, I shined my sink yesterday. Got it all pretty and beautiful. Got all my dishes done! Cleaned the kitchen after dinner and shined that sink again. SO lovely to wake up to a clean kitchen and a dazzling sink. What a way to start my new year!!!

  15. Growing up it was necessary to Comet the sink each night after diinner. Now, I just wait till it looks icky. I do bleach or comet till it shine shine shines!

  16. Yes, I F.L.Y.(myself)!

  17. I definitely love the completely shiny, cleaned out sink. We have to use traps (septic) instead of a disposer, so those traps get gross. I even throw them in the dishwasher.

    I bleach my countertops…white formica, thanks 70s people….

    • I have white formica courtesy of 70s people, too. I like to refer to them as my “vintage” countertops. A clean sink makes me feel a lot better about the formica surrounding it!

  18. I shined this morning. Flylady really changed the way I keep up with my house. I try to do a little each day so the weekends are major clean ups! I don’t get her emails anymore because I pretty much have the routine down but if I get off track I go back to her website. I do need a few declutter drills!

  19. Yep. Every time I empty the sink, I shine it all up. And the faucet, too. Can’t forget the faucet. :)

  20. I am MAD over organization for my home and my life after suffering from so much disorganization. I have been very recently all over her website! I have a white sink and I can’t stand when it has stains…I shine my sink constantly.

  21. I wouldn’t say I shine my sink but every time I empty it I am sure to scrub it down and clean it up. I hate seeing any food stuck in there and I often tend to wipe it down with a towel/paper towel after cleaning off the counters to get any left over water out. At first I thought I was OCD about the spots or water in the stainless sink, then I watched my father do this over Christmas Vacation and BAM realized I was just him. :)

    I will have to try this though – nothing says nice like a sparkling kitchen from top to bottom!

  22. Thanks for sharing this post and this link, I hate when my sink gets nasty looking and I am always looking for new cleaning ideas.

    By the way I thought of you when my potterybarn catalog arrived yesterday and I saw this pillow, it might be a great DIY project for you.

    Daily laying it at the Master’s feet!
    Laura Ann

  23. Our sink is Corian so I don’t really ‘shine’ it. I do clean it (of course) and wipe it dry so it has no water spots. But I do shine the faucet. Makes a big difference.

  24. This sounds like a LOT of work! All for just the sink? But anything is worth trying once! I’ll do it in faith that it’s really as transforming as everyone is saying it is… I visited the FLYLADY Web site, and DO like the idea of doing a little bit each day. Keeps you from getting overwhelmed, and gives you something active to do instead of vegging. Every little chore burns some calories!

  25. It does give me a great feeling to get the old white sink in this rental shining…Barkeepers Friend baby! Im sure it’s not good for the planet, but there are worse things going on out there…just sayin!

  26. Cleaning the sink is a habit I am very thankful to FLYLADY (Marla) for. Seems like if the sink is clean the kitchen follows. BTW for those with black stoves if you have a happy way to make it shine please share I hate mine.

  27. I have sputtered and spewed with Flylady for a few years. Lately I have really dropped out of sight. I think it may be time to take-off again. I do clean my stainless sink, but probably don’t shine it enough. New year means new habits!

  28. Yeah, Baby! I’m a new flybaby – but, it’s really making a difference. Funny you posted this. I will be posting about “flying” today. I’m not perfect at it yet – but, I always seem to have your mantra in my head; “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”. It’s amazing how shining my sink affects so many other things.

    Have a good one!

  29. I’m one of those who can’t cook unless the sink is clean :) My mother was the same way so I guess it’s in the genes lol.

  30. check out my recent post about cleaning your garbage disposal. It’s right up there with cleaning the sink.

  31. I am a freak about my sink. I can be tripping over piles of toys, have clothes strewn everywhere, piles of laundry to fold, unmade beds and food crusted to the kitchen table. But if my sink is clean, it’s all okay.

    I don’t like the flylady but I do think a clean sink makes a huge difference.

    AND if my house is clean but there are dishes in the sink I would be mortified if someone stopped by. But a messy house and clean sink, I’d invite them in for coffee :)

  32. What a cool post! : ) I found the Flylady a few years ago, shortly after getting a computer. (Yes, there was life before computers! Who’d a thunk it? And who can remember it???) But I started scouring and shining my sink on a more regular basis then than ever before. The kitchen just isn’t ‘ready’ until the sink shines! : )

  33. I too learned to clean and shine my sink from Fly Lady. But lately I must not have been paying attention. So thanks for the reminder. I am going to clean and shine my sink. I know it will make me feel better even though the rest of the house needs some help too. LOL.


  34. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’m a happier wife & mother when I do.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  35. Jen@MomsSharpeningMoms says

    Yes ma’am I do shine my sink, but only when there is an empty dishwasher to load the sink full of dishes into. The sink that came with my castle was etched and stained, so it is a full on war to keep it sparkly white, but worth the sweat and tears. The whole house can be wrecked, but if the sink is clean I feel like the best housekeeper ever.

  36. haha, i just did a post with my shiny sink 2 days ago! i linked over to flylady as well…being a former flybaby and all. when i saw your post, i laughed, another shiny sink for blog land.

  37. If I can ever stop the never-ending flow of sippy cups in my sink, I may give this a whirl. Once upon a time, I signed up for FlyLady, and it sent me an email about every 5.7 seconds. I was working full-time then, no kids, but I wasn’t home all the time to do a lot of her tasks. Maybe the system has changed…might need to go check it out. :)

  38. Can I say that I’m jealous that you have an undermount sink??? That is DEFINITELY on my list for my next house! I would love to shine my sink, because the way it looks grosses me out sometimes. I actually felt that having a porcelain sink was much easier that stainless–at least when it looked clean, it would stay that way! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Great post! I love a clean sink. I need a new one soon, but until then I love Bar Keepers Friend! I must try the lemon oil!

  40. There are a number of ways to set up the FLYLADY … and one of the things is to make it so you don’t get a million e-mails a day… although the frequent e-mails mean that you can read the to do in the subject line and delete it. I love the Sunday night week summary.

  41. Actually if you have a metal sink like the one pitured above that turned your stomach.. a sure fire, non expensive and amazing way to get it clean and keep it clean is to rub it down with baby oil! That puppy will shine to your hearts content and it’s super cheap.. i have 2 little ones so baby oil is something we always have on hand.. plus the oil makes and water that happens to land in there run right down the drain without any effort! It’s amazing! :) I LOVE a shiny sink!!!!

  42. I never use Comet or products like it, instead I’ve found that good old baking soda will remove just about anything, just be sure to rinse well. Then I use a spray cleaner like Holy Cow, my fave, but any kind will do. After it’s dry I finish it off by rubbing with a little cooking oil, lemon oil or whatever I have, on a rag and it gleams. My stainless sink looks great for several days when cleaned this way.

  43. I subscribe to Flylady, but for the most part I shine my sink in the morning, after my husband has left for the day. I am really good at keeping it clean and empty, but he seems to think it’s his job to put dishes in the sink. I’ll often go to bed before him, and even if my sink is empty at night, there’s almost always something in the morning. I used to stress about it a LOT, and nag him, and get frustrated all the time, but then I tried something different… for me, it’s a nice start to the day to do the dishes in the morning, when everything is quiet, and to feel that small sense of accomplishment. I can plan for the day as I’m washing, and when I’m done I step away feeling productive and ready to keep moving.

  44. i’m so about shining my sink! i adore her!

    if you get a minute of free time, stop by and see my valentine decorations!

  45. I have never heard of FlyLady or shining my sink. I have a stainless steel one and have struggled with keeping it nice looking. Thank you for this post. I will be shining my sink this evening!

  46. Jenny from VA says

    Thanks for the reminder! I am feeling overwhelmed in 2010 already…I still have some Christmas things to put away/organize. The one thing about Flylady I love is that she reminds us to take baby steps. I wish I could learn that one for good!

    BTW, I just got the new Pottery Barn catalogue and it has the Nester all over it! They have eggs and nests everywhere! I couldn’t help but think of you!

  47. I do love me a shiney sink!!

  48. Ladies with porcelin sinks (i know i didn’t spell that correctly) I just bought Bar Keepers Friend from bed bath and beyond for $2.99, on a friend’s recommendation. I hate my sink and how easily it stains. I used to scrub it and smell like bleach for days, just to have it dirty agian the next day. I sprinkled Bar Keepers Friend, literally wiped it down with a sponge and rinsed. Voila, my sink, she is a sparkling. Now I know what flylady talks about. I never understood it b/c my sink could never sparkle like that. It also can be used on stainless steel and lots of other surfaces. I’m in love with this product. I could be a traveling sales woman!

  49. we love the flylady around here!

  50. Gotta love FlyLady! And the shiny sink! I try to do that every day and it really does feel good. I’ve added making my bed too. But no way am I buying into her “you must wear shoes” thing! lol

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