Are You Going to BlissDom?

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Blissdom is such a great name, don’t you think?  If I had my own conference I’d call it Nestdom.  Or Nesterdom. Nesterville?  Nesterburg?  Nesterboro?  Why on earth did any towns ever start using the ‘boro’?  Why not ton or town or dom or ville?  No one wants to live or go to a boro unless they are a troll.  Boros are the worst.   And, no worries, I will never be having my own conference.  Oh yeah, this is a post about Blissdom.  Blissboro.

BlissDom is an annual blogging conference in Nashville.  I’m pretty much the worst person to try to explain what it is even though I’ve been to both Blissdoms in the past and I’m going to this one too.  I’ll be speaking about niche blogging if any one cares.  You can find out more about Blissdom here. We’ve got 4 weeks to loose weight and get our outfits ready and I’d love to know if you are going.

There’s still a chance to win a free ticket!

And, in the spirit of random, spur of the moment Link ups, I’ll add a little MckLinky for those of you who are attending to link up.  I’m sure I’m not the only one doing this but this saves me time.  So basically, since I’m lazy, won’t you link here if you are going?  Can’t wait to meet you!

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010


  1. I’ve saving all I’ve got and PRAYING FOR LOTS OF SALES! I am already going in spirit… now I just need to get there in real life!!! I hope I can meet you, Nester! :)

    • Attention world, please buy all of Gussie’s bags so she can come to BlissDom. I have 2 of them and LOVE them!!!

  2. Thank you so much for linking to my blog – see you at Blissdom!

  3. Testing the disappearing photos.

    I still see the graphics. Will leave you yet another comment on another post to see if I can replicate the error.

    Feel free to ignore this.

  4. I’m going and am SO excited to meet so many great bloggers! Ready to learn things from bloggers in all kinds of niches!

  5. Wow why the hate for buroughs?

    • I think I just don’t like the word. I also don’t like eating with spoons unless it’s absolutely needed and I don’t like the word thick or succulent or delicate.

      I have a friend who hated the word “packet”. or was it pamphlet?

      but i did live in a “boro” and I’d love to move back.

  6. Oh, I want to go soooo bad. I’ll be in visiting Texas on those days. Hmmmm…..if I’m gone from home anyway….

  7. Ha ha…was that a dig at Greensboro? Are you implying that we in boros are trolls? LOL

  8. Oh I will SO be there.


    It should totally be Nesterboro. Cause that’s hilarious.

  9. OH…how I would love to go!

    Sandy Toe

  10. Would love love love love to go. Maybe I’ll win a trip. I’m feeling lucky in 2010!

  11. Hey Nester!

    I’ll be in Nashville, but not for the conference.
    I look forward to meeting you out on the town one night if you’re not too exhausted from speaking!

    Layla :-)

  12. I vote for Nesterpalooza. :)

  13. I would love go to the Blissdom conference since I’m only a couple of hours from Nashville, maybe I can win!!!

  14. i’ve already bought my ticket!!! so looking forward to it.

  15. You already know this (DOH) but I’ll be there speaking on a different topic.

    Guess we are now banned from speaking together in the same room after the incident last time.

  16. Yes! And this time, let’s actually visit!!

  17. I’m not going to the event itself, but I’ll be there with bells on when we all get together to meet for dinner (or whatever). I’ve bought a new wardrobe, lost 75 pounds and darn it – I’m ready! Uhhh…. well I did all that for my sweet hubby – but I’m still ready!

  18. Wish I was going!

    Laughing at the words you hate – I hate “askew”. And I’m not too keen on “similar”. And my husband prefers to eat with a spoon. What’s up with that?

    And that’s all the random weirdness you’ll get out of me today!

  19. oh! sounds like fun! i am excited that i am now a blogger and have the choice to go or not! however, i will not be going this year! maybe next year when i am a little older (in blog years). hehe! look forward to hearing all about it! have fun!

  20. I’m so excited to meet all of you people that I have stalked, um, I mean befriended, over the last year!

  21. Dear Lord,

    I want to meet The Nester. The one and only fabulous wife, mother,writer, blogger, tassel maker, designer and room re-arranger who also just happens to love Jesus. Amen.

    I will be the one squealing with delight and jumping up and down in the back with the chance to get to hear you speak! :)

    Congratulations on your speaking engagement, e-book, and fancy new web site!!!!!

  22. ahem.
    i guess my invite to come and speak was lost in the mail.

  23. I’m going, I’m going, I’m going!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone in person. You’ll forgive me if I cry, right Nester?

  24. I was seriously thinking about backing out of my registration since I’ll be, like, a million months pregnant, but THEN! Then I found out about Hillary’s (The Other Mama’s) pregnancy, and now I can’t wait to see her again. And of course, now that I know you’re coming, too, I’m in for sure.

    If I bring fabric swatches, will you pretty please decide for me which one will make the best curtains for my nursery? I can’t order my canvas from Kim until I decide on the curtain fabric. You’re the best!

  25. I’m going! Looking forward to seeing you again dear friend. :-)

  26. oh sweet Nester, I can’t wait to see you! I’m thinking of trying to organize some fun little social hour—to get to know my blog friends better. ANy ideas?

  27. oh man! i just got my husband’s ok to go! now i just have to iron out the details and find some roomies – no chance i’m going alone!

  28. hmmm… i thought i just commented, but its nowhere to be found?

    i just got the ok from my husband, but am now looking for some roomies. there is no chance i’m going to this alone! i am SO excited!!! can’t wait to meet you in person – i just might have update your posy pin collection…

  29. I live just a few minutes from Nashville but won’t be able to attend the conference {saving up to send my teen on a trip to New York!} Have fun, everyone! Would LOVE to meet you!

  30. You know I’ll be there, you’re royal nestiness- even if it was named Nestboroton. And I wasn’t sure what to link TO, so I just linked. Because I’m all kinds of thoughtful and such. Can’t wait to hang out!

  31. Woot!!! I can’t wait…I’ll be rooming with your stalker, Lindsay from Living with Lindsay…ok, maybe I stalk a little too..:)

  32. Oh, how neat… so many people are going! So wish I could go :)

  33. oh my goodness…what is with dissing our town, my friend. And yes, I’ll be there sitting right next to you laughing, I mean, speaking with you. Did we figure out if we’re holding hands yet? No, that might just be wrong. :)

  34. It’s fun to see who’s going to be there! I’m hoping to see more “house bloggers” this year. And we should definitely have a house-blogger dinner one night so we can all get together. Can’t wait! :)

  35. Hahaha…as a former frequent visitor to a “boro” (I went to Elon for my Freshman year, and was in Greensboro all the time), I smiled at this post. :)

    I SO wish I had the funds to attend Blissdom…what a neat event to learn more about blogging AND get together with bloggers whose sites I love to read. :)

    Have fun!

  36. hey nester!
    i won’t be going to blissdom but i am from nashville (living in tx while hubby finishes school). anyway i was just going to say that if you need any advice on where to eat or shop or anything like that from a local just send me a little email and i will be happy to help.
    i love your blog. thanks for using it to inspire so many people!

  37. Hey Nestergirl – I’m too lazy to link today, but I will be going to Blissdom. Hope to see you there!

  38. With regret I have to say that I’m not going this year. Not even to stalk. Sadness all around. : (

    But I AM planning on going to Relevant. Oh, how I wish you’d come!

  39. I’ll be there!! Perhaps someone at Blissdom can teach me how the heck to use a MacLinky properly. For the life of me I can’t figure it out. Looking forward to hearing you speak again – though I’m a bit disappointed we can’t have you and Melissa together again! You guys were a fine pair up there last year!

  40. Every time Blissdom rolls around it makes me wish I was a real blogger, you know, one that posts with any amount of regularity, just so I could attend Blissdom and meet all my peeps!

  41. It’s official. Just booked everything and will be there. GULP.

  42. I guess I am a late-bloomer. Was gonna link up!

    But you know the story … :) Got my air booked today!

  43. Hi there! I got here but comments were closed:( Guess a little late! I am going and it’s my first conference. I look forward to meeting you there!


  44. I can’t stand “packet”!!!!! or “ticket” or “froth” or “whipped”…is that bad?

    hee hee hee hee!

    you are so fun!

  45. I’m going to be at Blissdom!! See you there!! ~Chris Ann

  46. thank you for the links. this is my first conference and I am going alone.

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