What a relief! You found me, I’m so glad you’re here.

Nesting Place

I hope you come to like the new nest just as much as the old place. There might be some wonkiness for a little while as I try not to delete the entire internet. Thanks for putting up with me. I promise, in the long run, all this moving will be worth it for all of us. You have no idea how much I enjoy this blog. And it’s because of you all. Blogging is such a great alternative to therapy, can I get an amen?

The new address is: thenester.com

If I knew how to make that font bigger I would.

So this is the part where I get down on my knees and beg you to update your bookmarks, change the link on your sidebar, and copy and paste the new address into your blogger dashboard if you follow that way. PLEASE don’t forget about Nesting Place!

Nesting Place

Hopefully all you RSS readers will get the new stuff automatically. If not, no worries, I’ll make sure to beg and plead for you to resubscribe, but hopefully I can spare myself that embarrassment.

There is also a whole slew of charming buttons for you to add to your blog. Not that you would add them all, I mean, you can if you want but that might be weird.

Nesting Place

If you are wondering why some people are going to so much trouble and fuss and causing so much commotion to move from blogger to wordpress, I’m not gonna tell you. But, the brains behind this entire design, my blog designer from the third month I’ve been blogging, Darcy wrote a post all about it. She did forget to mention one reason why I, personally moved. My sister moved last year. And I basically have to copy everything she does.

Picture 6

see this on the sidebar? It’s the categories:: they’re clickable!!

Have a look around, most of the rooms are not unpacked {and most of your comments are far from unpacked, blogger is holding them hostage} but I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind to have people over in the midst of chaos. I’m just glad you are here! I’ll see you Monday for the Tour of Homes! {hopefully! ahhhhhhh!!!!}


  1. I love your new home! Everything looks great! And I found you automatically through my reader. Yay!

  2. congratulations- it looks so great!! are you going to add your tumblr to this site? i loved checking out what you had highlighted on there! or maybe i just couldn’t find it on this site…
    anyway- happy sunday!

  3. Hi there, pretty new Nester site! You showed up all sparkly and new in my Reader, and now I added your url to my dashboard so I won’t miss a thing! Off to take some pictures so I can join in on the tour tomorrow! ;)

  4. Oh, you will love, love, love WordPress. I can’t even put into words how much more I love it than Blogger.

    Congrats on the move!

  5. I meant to tell you that your “deleting the internet thing” made me laugh. You’re not going to, are you? Please don’t hold my blog hostage…or Facebook, don’t forget the Facebook. ;)

  6. Here you are! Oh, it’s wonderful! I’m so, so glad you didn’t change things up too much. . . I love Nesting Place so much, and I’d have been sad for things to change too much. But this is great! Hope all goes well during these transition times.

    I’m off now to change the address on my blogroll. Don’t worry; you won’t have to beg us to follow you.

  7. Love your new nest! As you said, sort of the same, sort of different. But it feels like home – your home, that is. And just in time for your Christmas Tour of Homes. This will be my first year to walk the tour. I can’t wait!

  8. I am new to your blog and was just getting to know you when you up and moved! It looks like a lovely new home. I’m staying!

  9. Love your new website, your ideas and I just downloaded your tassel book and it is great! Looking forward to the Christmas tour of homes.

  10. Michelle Marsh says

    Me likey!!! Very chic! Great job…never thought you needed a new design, but this is fabulous! Off to update my i-google page!

  11. It looks fantastic.

    So when will you be posting for the House Tour? I want to get in line early!

  12. I love it! It looks so “Nesterish”!

  13. love your new look!
    i have my Tour post up and will come back this evening to link…
    thanks so much for hosting.

  14. I will never forget about Nesting Place or you! If I can only get to one blog a day, it is always yours!!! Congratulations on the new site! I guess I better get busy on my Christmas tour post…. Blessings!!!

  15. You’re still coming through loud and clear on my RSS! Yay!
    Congrats on your move.

  16. Look at your with your fun new fonts and your social networking icons and your videos!! Hope you like the new place. I find it quite pleasant. I also wish I had more than two seconds so that I could join your parade, but alas, Baby Sam has other ideas on how I’ll spend my holidays. Hope yours are fabulous.

  17. The new site looks FANTASTIC. Very pretty without being overly precious, you know?

    I just made the move from blogger to WordPress (Thesis theme) myself, so I totally understand the anxiety and the temporary wonkiness of it all. But, everything on your site seems to be working just fine.

    Way to have the courage to make the move!

  18. UGH-I’m so mad at myself. I am having so many Google issues I forgot to post to your party last night and now I will be post number 1000–hee hee

    I wonder why you aren’t sharing all the horridness of Google. I am in the middle of switching-was hoping to have it done this weekend but it didn’t happen (4 kids to feed besides blogging) and with hubby out of work we are doing it on our own.

    I have been blogging for 7 months, and have had so many issues with Google and they don’t know how to fix the problems. They have wreaked havoc on my blog–I am amazed at my rankings and can’t wait to see what happens after moving.

    I will re-subscribe, follow and add a button and I hope you will make it over and do the same but wait till I move-hopefully this week.

  19. oh my goodness! look how many permalinks already!!!! LOVED your video!

  20. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  21. You are too stinkin’ cute, Nester!

    Your house is stunning…gorgeously decorated but not stuffy. Beautifully family friendly! Thanks for sharing your home with us!


  22. I love the new blog but even more than that I love your Christmas decor! Absolutey gorgeous but what else should we expect!!

  23. Your blog is beautiful. I want to apologize. The first time I entered the Christmas tour I entered the link to my blog instead of the permalink and I got deleted…so I came back and just did the very same thing before I read your notes…I am so sorry. Delete me again and I will go back and try to do it right this time.

    I just love your little video…very cute! Your decorations are stunning and I love that you included your boys in the video. Everything looks like it came out of a magazine…

  24. Ok…I am back…I figured out the permalink thing. YOU gave really good instructions. My previous link is 1012…Holiday Home Tour for the Bush Adoption Fund and I just did the correct link under Kristine @ I Love You More Than Peanut Butter. Sorry again and Merry Christmas!

  25. I’m sorry you’ve changed to word press. Blogger isn’t my favorite but it’s much easier on the eyes.

  26. Wow, over 1000 links! That is awesome! Thank you for hosting the home tour, I am getting some amazing ideas. :D

  27. Hi Darcy,
    do you have a simple way of backing up my wordpress files and database? I get confused when I see all those folders and such. There are a lot of different ways to back it up, but do you have a favorite way that you would recommend?


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