The tassel ebook , The Nester’s Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, Proportional, Fluffy and Full Tassels That People Will Fight Over; For You to Give or Sell, is moving right along. If all goes as planned, it will be available this afternoon. I’ll have a new post up here as soon as it’s ready. This ebook is no frills, but, it’s 100 pages of incredibly useful tasseling content plus over 100 photos. There’s even a special section just for tassel sellers–stuff that can be applied to all crafters actually. The book is $10. And worth every penny. I would have paid $100 for this information when I started out. I think you’ll love it!

And to get you in the mood for tassels, I thought I’d introduce you to a tasseling friend of mine, Heathahlee who blogs at Butterfly Genes. She’s got a shop full of enchanting tassels that you will love. When I made the decision to not focus on making tassels anymore, she’s the girl I trusted with all my tassel supplies. Let’s get to know Heathahlee–my questions are in brown.

Why did you start making tassels and how long have you been making them?

Last year about this time I needed a unique Christmas gift for my Mother-in-Law. After winning a tassel giveaway, I thought, “Hmm…wonder if I could do that?” After some trial and error (and error, and error, and error…HA!) I finally made one that I fell in love with. Pretty much every other female in my family got one after that.

After Christmas we found out about a mission trip to Poland our church was going to do. I immediately started thinking about what I could do to earn the money to go. We have a huge craft fair in May in our county that I decided I’d make tassels for. One hundred tassels. Mmmhmm. One. Hundred. Tassels. And I did it! I was working on them the night before the show, but I did it! What didn’t sell I used to open my Etsy shop.

Do you have a favorite tassel ?

Oh, my goodness! That is such a hard question to answer. I can honestly say that I adore most every single one that I make. I guess my all time favorite would have to be one of the earliest that I made to sell, the Pink Toile Bunny Tassel.

You have an etsy shop at but do you sell your tassels any place else?

I have sold a ton to people at church. I’m amazed at how well they do. I’ve had unsolicited requests several times. I think it still amazes me that someone would want something I had made.

I haven’t done another show since May, but I’m planning on doing the same show next year, as well as another huge one that is held in Memphis every October at the Pink Palace Museum. I also have an open house in which I’m participating in a couple of weeks.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about making a craft of any kind for fun or to sell?

The first thing I would say is BUY NESTER’S TUTORIAL! hee hee {hmm, I wonder if she meant for me to leave this part in? I am–she’s actually read the rough outline without photos and liked it!}

I guess the one piece of advice would be to get advice from seasoned crafters that make what you want to make or are already making. There are teams on Etsy for certain crafts where people can trade ideas and get advice. I am still learning all the ins and outs of Etsy but I love it! It is the place to shop this Christmas.

Also, have your work critiqued by others, both in and out of the same craft. They will have an objective eye and can give you advice you might otherwise be blind to.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop to buy from or window shop from?

Got Crow Creations

I have been drooling over two different shops for the past few weeks. The first is Got Crow Creations

if you love birds and/or nests, you HAVE to check her shop out. Too, too cute. The Tufted Titmouse is my fave. They are my real life favorite little birds.

The second is For the Love Of… The Fly Away Little Bird Pendant is on my wish list. The blue glass…the brown bird…. Love. It.

Any last words?

Crafting is an art. It is also an expression of who you are. If you even think you might like to do something like tassels, or jewelry, or felt, whatever, start with one or two pieces and see if you like it. I knew after my first tassel that I wanted to make many, many more. To see a thing of beauty that I actually created still thrills me even after a year of making tassels.

Oh, and my last thought is this. Tassels make great Christmas gifts! =) (you can delete that if you want! HA!) Why would I delete that I couldn’t agree more!