If you have one dollar to spend on fall decorating, buy a candle at the dollar store or goodwill. If you have $10 to spend on decorating, blow it on candles. Besides having a comfy chair and blanket, candles are the single most comfort inducing mechanisms you can own. You need them, and you need to use them.

When I’m out and see candles on sale, I buy them no questions asked. I look for neutral candles either cream or brown, that way I know they’ll look great in my home and go with any candlestick, pedistal or tray I put them on. Plus, they’ll all compliment each other if they are from the same color family. Plus, I move everything around every 6 minutes so they are sure to still look great no matter where I put them.

I also am a sucker for a good candlestick. This one started out green.

These started out red.

Ten minutes in my highly classified, top secret, state of the art lab and they were given new life.

Don’t forget, you can dress up your candlesticks by adding a pretty ornament. I just used the weight of the candle to hold it down. You could also do this with a tassel.

Remember the centerpiece? Now it has life.

Do you actually use your candles?

I hereby give you permission, no, I mandate, that you burn your candles. Please, don’t let them sit around all fall untouched. Those candles are there to make you happy, make your home more welcoming, they want to be lit. The other day my friend Marybeth told me how she used feel like she needed to decide who was what she called “candle-worthy”. Now she lights them all the time because she and her family are candle worthy. She is so smart.

You are candle worthy too.


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