Welcome to day 5 of 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest. If you are new here or if you are old here and not paying attention, we are taking the month of October and talking about quickish, easy ways to freshen up our homes before the holidays.

Today, let’s paint something. Anything. With any kind of paint that you have.

This yard sale table was painted with spray paint. No, I didn’t prime it or sand it. You don’t have to email me to ask me for sure if I sanded it or primed it. I promise, I just found a pretty color, took it outside on plastic bag and hit it with a few coats. Within an hour I loved it all over again. It was an inexpensive table, I don’t spend time trying to perfect inexpensive items. My time is valuable. And so is yours.

You can’t paint everything with spray paint but you can use it for lots of things. I use spray paint for small tables, rocking chairs and wood chairs, empty frames, lamps, chandeliers. Don’t use spray paint for the top of your dining room table. It probably won’t turn out the way you want it and you will want to hurt me.

I painted this chandy with red spray paint.

You can also use those little bottles of acrylic paint. They are less than a dollar and you can use them to update photo frames, mix them together to paint that door you hang on the wall. They have a super flat finish unless you spray the finished item with polyurethane so I like to use them on things that look good with a rough finish.

This red frame was painted with acrylic paint.

I was sick of these flimsy “wood” cabinets in our guest bath. So I got out whatever paint I had laying around {from the armoire project} and in an hour I had a new looking bathroom. No, I did not prime or sand. I used BEHR paint plus primer in one. Two coats. Here’s my lazy girls guide to painting cabinets.

If you’ve been putting a big project off like I did, take my advice, you’ll be glad you did it once it’s done. I waited 4 years or so to finally paint this armoire. My only regret, not painting it the day we got it. I was dreading all the “time” it would take. It cost less than $40 to paint and was done in a few hours that was spread out over 24 hours time.

Same with the table. It’s funny how we put off painting something that we can’t stand for fear that we will ruin said thing that we already hate how it looks. Why are we all such ridiculous perfectionists? Save your worry for things that actually matter.

Some of you are paintaholics. You are professionals at painting your walls, experimenting with new colors and not afraid to change it up with paint. For you, your assignment is to finish that paint project or tackle the one you have been hoping to start.

For those of you that when you hear me talk about painting something, start telling yourself that you will not be doing that because you “don’t know how to paint” or your husband is too busy to paint for you or, you aren’t rich so you can’t paint or, you might ruin that frame that’s cracked and in your garage with cocoons all over it if you paint it–I’m talking to you.

Paint something. Anything. You can do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

If you want to paint a wall and you never have, here’s a little video


I never use a fresh roller pad for the second coat–if I even paint a second coat
If the color is light and I do a good job with the first coat, sometimes I skip a second coat
It rarely takes me more than a gallon to paint a room–unless it’s a big room

Now be gone, and paint!

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And check back later today, I’ve got an announcement.