We’ve talked about making a list of words that you want to describe your home {and the feelings you get when you enter into it} and also about keeping an idea book. Let’s take that list idea in another direction. It may seem simple and obvious to you bonafied list makers like me, but maybe some of you don’t have a goal notebook for your home.

Just the other day I found my home notebook from 2006. I had a page where I wrote my goals for the year. Right up there in the light blue, you can click it to enlarge it and see what was on my mind at the time.

We didn’t do all those things but we did get a permanent computer home, figure out how to address the empty wall in the family room, get a new/discount/damaged stove that looked great, repair and hang the window boxes, make shutters and hang them, make our bed stuff, and enlarge a photo. Most of the stuff was done quickly because we ended up needing to sell our house fast because of a failing business, but I still got satisfaction from things being done.

This is NOT a list of things that you need to write down and feel bad about and nag your husband about, NO! This is a place where you can put your thoughts to rest. Once I wrote down my goals for the house as far as areas that needed attention or furniture I would like to have, I could stop thinking about them so much. Since they were safe in this notebook, I didn’t need to keep going over the ideas in my mind.

This is my favorite page because I remembered to cross things off. The highlight of any list maker’s day. As you can see, I had a general page of things in the house that I was thinking about, and then a page for each room and things I was considering. Did we do everything? Nope. I had lots of question marks after ideas.

Go ahead and start a home notebook, include your ideas and your lists, and any doodles you might like. It’s nice to have everything in one place and when you see a cute zebra chair at Tuesday Morning for only $49 you will be able to think more clearly about if you actually need it or not depending on if seating was on your list.

Two years ago I bought that chair but when I got it home it didn’t look quite right with my stuff. But I had just done the list and knew that I was on the lookout for seating in our master bedroom.

Do you have a goal book for your home?