Tori Spelling made me want it. Tori always seems to have an upholstered headboard. And now I want one. Look how comfortable. I can totally see myself right there between Tori and Dean eating some nachos and hanging out.

I am officially tired of having a hard, cold, hard, not to mention hard headboard. I’m seriously considering what I can do to our bed to make it nice and unhard and cushy.

Here’s some photos to make you wish your headboard was upholstered. You’re welcome.

I imagine that once one enjoys the non hardness of an upholstered headboard, one can never go back to a regular headboard. That’s something I’m willing to live with. So, what should I do, try to make one from scratch? Try to upholster and bulk up our current sleigh bed? I’ve even got our old rickety four poster bed in the garage.

Should I try to make an upholstered headboard? Have you upholstered a headboard?


Julia at Hooked on Houses gave us a tour of the Spelling/McDermott homes {I think they move more than me}.

Have you ever watched Home Sweet Hollywood? Well, that couple has baggage and issues and has made mistakes just like all of us but let me make an observation, many of us could learn a lot by how Tori treats her husband. Watching her show made me adore her–who would have thought I would adore Tori Spelling?

And now I’m going to get comments all about what you think about Tori and not headboards, right? Tee hee.