My boys have never really had any kind of window treatment on their windows other than a randomly tacked up mistreatment that lasts for a few days. My oldest son’s mattress is currently on the floor. In the last couple of years we’ve moved so often that if I delay a month or so in hanging stuff on our walls, then we could have stuff laying around waiting to be hung for 20% of the time we live in a house. Yes, I figured out the percentage, I like math.

It was 10 years into our marriage before we really bought much furniture. No dressers for kids, no rugs, no drapes other than those duck cotton bleached tab tops from Pier 1 Imports–that I still think are so pretty. We’ve had a deck or patio for the last 7 years. This summer my sister-in-law gave us her old patio set. It’s the first one we’ve ever had.

Sometimes you just have to wait. Or you choose to wait. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can enjoy the process over time. Instead of focusing on the fact that my walls are um pink? I choose to look at my pretty painted armoire.

I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for that last perfect black knob to go on the bottom. I had 25 women to my house last month with a knob less focal point. No one seemed to care.

It seems like there are two types of people when it comes to decorating. Those who put entirely too much pressure on themselves with every little decorating decision. What if I don’t like this 5×7 frame one I get it home, forget it, I can’t decide!

Then there those of us who make decisions fast and are completely impatient with our house and want it done NOW. We usually feel guilty that we are still not done with our house and our projects. We sometimes make a horrible mistake and forget to enjoy what we have because we are so overwhelmed with what needs to be done.

I just cannot get that wall to look right.

When I find myself dwelling on what needs to be done I try to stop and refocus. Enjoy what is done. Look around and see all the things that you love. Oh, there’s our favorite snugly blanket, there’s the table where we all sit and laugh and fight at dinner. There’s the rock collection that my boy’s keep adding to, I think I’ll put those in a pretty dish.

If your husband has been tirelessly trying to please you by finishing the long list of projects you’ve given him, give him a few weeks off and tell him how much you appreciate it. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to slow down and take in all that you have accomplished.

There’s no deadline to have your house finished.
{unless you are putting it on the market, but that’s another post}

I hope I never have a finished house.