Since we are renting I’m trying my very best not to break down and paint every wall in this builder beige {with a very pinkish hue} flat-paint-walled house. Do you have any idea how quickly flat paint looks dirty? Combine that with three boys little bare feet and within hours I knew the wall under the bar was going to look like a crime scene.

The solution was my beloved painted door that I’m sure you are tired of me talking about. But where else can you see the same door, furniture and accessories used in so many different scenarios? Please tell me all this moving around has at least one redeeming factor.

Here’s the answer to the question I get asked the most. I just attached some kind of hanger to the back. It was what I happened to have at the moment. Not ordained, not the best, not the only thing that one can use to hang the door. It’s simply what worked for me. Oh and the answer to the question I get asked the second most: it’s a mixture of 5 different 89 cent acrylic paints that I had around the house.

I’ve always hung the door by myself. You can read more about that fiasco here. I just use whatever is underneath the door to balance it. And, if there is nothing underneath the door, I’ll move something there temporarily to help me.

In a perfect world, I would own my own home and put crisply painted beaded board up under the bar and around my family room. But, alas the world is not perfect. And I’m secretly pleased with my solution to escape the foot printed wall.

Sometimes I’m ok with the world being imperfect.