Since it was a holiday weekend, my mom and I opted to do a little thrifting. You know you are frugal when you complain about how expensive the Goodwill prices are. These two little things that I know not what to call them were $3 each.

This lamp base that I cannot get a decent photograph of was $2.99–now that’s more like it. My first thought was that it looked like something some kid made in wood shop class but, it looks great on my white dresser. Everything looks great on the white dresser. I already had the lampshade.

Plantation Shutters: $5 per shut. Big, textural, take up space without annoying me. That’s why I like shutters. And I can paint them.

More shutters behind the sofa. If they end up going there they’ll be hung eventually.

Metal cake stand like the ones that Maxi B’s has. I have always wanted one. $5.

Our thrift stores are clean and new and inviting.

They don’t smell funny and are organized well.

Want to see what other people found over the weekend you can see a whole slew of great finds at Southern Hospitality.

Have you shopped your local thrift stores lately? You never know what you might find!