Yet another lovely birdcage for the bird I’ll never have. $10

I’m well aware that telling you all about my yard sale finds is akin to me telling you all about a dream I had two weeks ago. No one cares, it’s just meaningless nonsense that goes on and on and on and on…

So, at the risk of running you off, I’ll share anyway. Don’t hate me because my stuff is beautiful. M’kay?
My friend and fellow yard sale enthusiast, Angela and I found some great junk Saturday. She has an eye for colorful art. You should see her house. Wait, you will, I’m gonna sneak my camera over there really soon.

I fell in love with this 9 light chandelier. Complete with 9 shades still wrapped in plastic. I’ve got big plans for this $25 find. I don’t know if I’ll ever pay retail again for a light fixture.

Angela got this timelessly modern yet still traditional multi tiered chandelier. The owner told us that it was an $800 fixture. She paid $20. Love or hate her, you choose. I choose love.

I found a Pottery Barn file cabinet and pillow $30. Triple hook plaque, $1. Not pictured, the desk and hutch for my 11 year old son, $25.

Yard sales are an ideal place to shop for non urgent needs or wants. There are so many wonderful things to be had. We ran across a set of 4 new looking, darling black bar stools. Neither of us needed them but we couldn’t help but stand in awe of their price : $20 for the set of 4. There was a glass topped sofa table for $10. And a couponer was selling her excess stockpile of non perishables at less than half the price of the local grocery store. The prices at yard sales are usually much better than that of thrift stores and Craig’s list. The only problem is, you never know what you’re gonna get.

I’m taking a poll over there in the side bar about buying second hand–where do you fall?

Updated to add this photo to answer Meg’s question in the comments:

The time is 6:41 am–yes, being an early bird helps!

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