This was left in the comments yesterday and I cannot get it out of my head:

For the purchases that don’t work, and do not get returned, I have found a good solution. I get together with some girl friends once a year and we shop each others impulse purchases. Whatever doesn’t go home with someone else we take to Goodwill. It has been lots of fun and unless it’s a really nice piece, we don’t charge each other, just swap.


Well, that sounds like fun! I’ve gone to a clothing swap before but it was with a pretty small group of women. Help! Have you been to one of these home item swaps before? How does it work? Do people fight over stuff. I can picture a lighthearted hair pull or accidental tripping over a perfectly painted birdcage. Just sayin‘. Traci didn’t have an email or anything for me to reach her and I’ve been thinking about this for the last 24 hours.

I’d LOVE to attend a swap, what could we call it a Get Your Nest on Party? {Insert Catchy Cute Word Here} Exchange? Does someone in Charlotte or Greensboro want to plan this? I would SO come and bring some stuff to swap.

I bet June and Emily would come too. Maybe even Kimba and for sure Jen. Tell me what you think about this. Would you attend one in your area? Have you been to one? Live close to me? Invite me!