Often times I’m on the prowl for some color, texture and interest on my builder beige walls.

Plates, architectural pieces, mirrors that reflect something pretty, and layering are all tricks that I use to help warm up bare walls. This is extra important when you are renting and have plain white walls.

You can mix shutters, shelves, plates, iron work, photos, favorite finds and framed art all together for a more eclectic look. Remember, there really aren’t any rules and the decorating police are not gonna come arrest you for mixing stuff up a bit. I bet you’ve got stuff laying around your house right now that you could hang on a bare wall.

Large pieces of furniture grouped together can also break up those long monotonous walls of white. If you have shelving, add in some color and texture to keep it fun.

Once I even made a wall entirely of my favorite things. Mirrors, framed photos, plates, birdcages… If only I had had some bird art to complete the look. This is the part where I transition into telling you who DOES have bird art in case you are in the market for BIRDS…

Laryssa from L. Herbert Designs just introduced her newest watercolor creations. And I cannot stop thinking of great places to use these pretties–grouped together over a white dresser all framed in black? Or maybe mixed in with birdcages on the wall? In a little girls room? The best part is that you get to chose what background color you want for your prints so they can go with your decor.

I really like this taupe brown color shown on the the Bluebird Silhouette. You can even pick what size you want 5×7 {$7} or 8×10 {$18}. Laryssa explains all the important facts about her beautiful artwork at her shop. And she’s got a whole slew of great stuff to choose from:

{this contest now closed}

And now, your favorite part–if you need help dressing your naked walls, you can win a set of these Bird Silhouette Prints! You can mix them in with a stuff you already have or fill a blank wall with their enchanting presence. Just leave a comment and make sure there’s a way for us to contact you. If you place an order using the discount code: MAY you will get 10% off until June 1st!

Bare Walls? Do them a favor and make them a showpiece–it’s fun, there are no rules and it’s affordable, even if you want to use real art!