I have 18 lamps in my house. Some women collect shoes and bags, I collect lamps and pillows. Correctly placed lamp light can transform the mood of a space, make you look younger, help accentuate the positive in a room and eliminate the negative and look pretty while doing all of that. Lamps are the workhorse of any room. I believe that every room can be improved by a lamp. Turn off that dreaded overhead light and plug in a lamp! You will love the warmth and coziness it will instantly produce.

How many lamps do you have in your house?


Do you subscribe to Nesting Place in a reader? If so I fear I’ve wrecked it all up. Some of you are getting the updates but I think some aren’t. And if you aren’t I’m writing this to you and you can’t read it anyway so it’s pointless. Help! Anyone a feedburner expert?