The Home Book has a great tutorial on tablescapes, taking cues from designer David Jimenez. This one isn’t technically on a table but remember, no rules. And no money–just use anything you have on hand.

This is the tablescape featured in the book. It’s quite intentional. Sometimes I forget that there are actual reasons why stuff looks good with certain other stuff. Here’s what the book says:

Love the idea of leaning a frame on the wall. I didn’t have a group of frames but had one large one that seems to work fine. I totally agree with the black and white concept. And for the tray, I added a stack of white oval serving dishes.

Suggestions from designer and Home Book contributor, David Jimenez

1. Sphere: mixing shapes is a designer trick and it’s nice to add some sparkle–I used a ginormous Christmas ball.

2. Colored boxes: don’t have ’em on hand but, I faked it with nicely colored books.

3. Tall Vase: have one, loved it up there but I needed a lamp in that corner. I’d like to add in a small potted plant but I’m using what I have on hand.

4. Framed Print: you could even stack some empty frames painted in the same color. Try hanging one or two and leaning another.

This method could be used on an sofa table in the foyer, on your dresser in your room, in the kitchen {that’s where it is in my home} living room, bathroom anywhere. The Home Book is available in the Get Your Nest On Shop {for as little as $20–half off the cover price!}but if you can find it for less dough somewhere else, then get it there!


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