I’ve always wanted to use the word finale.

Here we are. You’ve been telling me for weeks about all the fast fixes and minute makeovers you’ve done. This is your time to brag. I mean share it with us. Go for it! New around these parts and wonder what in the world we are all worked up about? Start here.

Go ahead and link on up. And I hate to do this but I have to enforce a rule or two. You must link directly to the post you want to share with us. If you link to your blog and not the specific post, the link will be deleted. Also, I’m prideful I want you to talk about me. Please tell your readers what you are doing and link to this post so they can join in the fun as well! Darcy even made a cute button for you to use.

{how to link}

Wondering how to link directly to your post? It’s called a permalink. Explained here {scroll to number 8} but, if you are on blogger, after you publish your post just click on the title of the post you want to link to and watch what happens in your top address bar after the “http::” thing. It changes from just your blog address to lots of stuff afterwards. This is the “address” or permalink to that particular post. That’s what you need to copy and paste and add in the Mr. Linky. Ask someone who’s done it that you know if you cannot figure it out. And if you did it wrong the first time and I deleted you, please just do it again! No worries!