I know this post only applies to a small percentage of you but I still want to tell you about this show that I was lucky enough to be invited to part of.

They call themselves: Those Creative Women and I’m thrilled to be among them. You’ve got Lauren , who lots of us in these decorating blog circles adore, she is a new on the loose designer and she’ll be doing custom gift wrapping with fellow designer, Blair. Then, there is Melody, a spunky jewelry designer and also Kate, she’s the brains behind anything graphically designed for Creative Women website. Cindy the owner of Imagery Limited designs all sorts of things stained glass. Lastly, we have our host, Kendra, founder of My First Kitchen. Kendra is busy gracing Greensboro with her cooking skills through the classes that she offers and what she calls catering with a twist.

I’ll be grabbing the cash out of your hot little hand in exchange for my tassels, garlands and a few other beautiful items that you don’t need but will really want. Come to Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday, November 8th and hang out with me, my mom and my sister {yes, I make them come with me everywhere} and those other creative women, see some pretty stuff, buy some Christmas gifts and sample some heavenly food. Find out more about the show at our website, Those Creative Women.com.

And as your reward for reading this big, long, fat, shameless advertisement I’ll reward you with this tidbit of information: the nest post is gonna be a giveaway. And this time, it’s not gonna be a tassel.