I don’t know what to call it. I don’t know what use it has. But I like it. Years ago I made these…things and sold them but, never really knew what to call them.

You get you a deep frame like this–a great use for one of those frames where the glass is broken, because you don’t need glass. I’ve used all sizes of frames and you can go really large with these and have a huge cork board. Here I used one with a 4 x 6 opening. You can even stand your cork up and down and cut it in half to use the circle side up. Some people cut their corks in half lengthwise to double up on the amount of corks they can use but I like them to be whole.

Then you get you some corks. Don’t drink much wine? You can purchase corks on etsy and ebay. Make sure you get real cork, not the fake stuff. I always lay mine in first so I can arrange them. See that little fellow up there in the corner? He’s a little stout for that position so just replace him.

Better. They don’t have to touch perfectly, you know.

Once you get them all arranged just take one out at a time and hot glue the back to make them stay put.

We are not done yet. Do you have a stash of little odds and ends like this? I call it my box of tricks. I pulled out a few items that we could add onto this unnamed beautiful thing we are making.Look, a broken ring clip clip. a part to a knob and an upholstery tack!

Push the tack in with the clip to hold a pencil and glue on a clothes pin to hold all your cash. I used a tack to hold the note pad.

Maybe it’s a photo frame. You could attach a photo of a very happy up to date couple. I added a tassel too because I’m that kind of girl.

I’m sure this guy is the life of the party. Now you have a better way to use up your corks. If I only had a cute name. Corky Frame?