The obsession continues.

I know how some of you feel about my metal barn stars. I understand some of you think they are over used, dated and boring. Well, I’m not planning on trying to change your mind but, I’d love to show you where my stars are now and if I win you over, you can enter to win a 24 inch metal barn star from J’Ollie Primitives.

Remember this project when we painted them with paper towels? I like to hang my stars all together for major impact. And a little patriotic undertone never hurt anyone.

Here’s my big fat rusty metal star. He’s hanging in the playroom today.

Here’s Big Rusty at Christmas time in my old house. He’s also spent some time outside on the back of my house. This star just gets better with age!

Now, I’ve gone and spray painted all these stars black. No worries, I can paint them again whenever I get tired of them. They give some much needed life and dimension to this tall, dull, narrow stairwell.

So, if you are a barn star enthusiast or, if somehow, I’ve managed to win you over to the dark side and now you see a great star shaped void in your life, you can win one!

J’Ollie Primitieves, owned by the Lewis family, is offering up a 24 inch metal barn star shipped to you strait from their home. They purchase these stars from a crafter in an Old Order Amish community and they’ll even paint it for you. Check it out–they have 26 colors and I bet they look better than my paper towel painting. I just love businesses like this and if you never win anything, and need you a star real bad, head on over to their website and check out their wares!

Leave a comment and tell me how many stars you have to put your name in the hat!

Winner of the Pleated Poppy Giveaway:

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