It’s my blog’s birthday today.
She’s one year old.

The Mushy Part
Here’s the first post. All of my life I have been playing in my house and it’s been so fun to document it, hear your opinion {good and bad} and hot glue for an audience. It won’t be long and I’ll have a pretty new blog design and I hope it will be a little more reader friendly.

The Non Mushy/Decorating Tip Part of the Post
Seeing the photo of my boys on the porch of The House That I Loved reminded me of how we carved our pumpkins that year. I usually have grandiose plans of my husband carving 3 or 20 different pumpkins. I always forget that after carving one, the fun is gone, the kids are watching The Great Pumpkin and being creative becomes a chore.

That year we got our the drill and different size drill bits and within 3 minutes had drilled polka dots all over that big green pumpkin. It doesn’t look all that stunning in the day but at night it was radiant. It was my favorite pumpkin ever!

Happy Fall!

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