My Favorite Poopies

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The Bad.
The Just Plain Weird.

I loved all of your faux-liedge! Thanks to Southern Fam for introducing me to that word. How mad am I that I didn’t think of that! Oh and don’t you think everything looks better in an urn? You could put real POOPIE in an urn and it would look good!

I am still amazed that I was somehow able to convince over 100 civilized women to write the word Poopie on their blog and be excited about it!! YeeHaww! We are all insane! I’m not sure if this effort has done much good–as one reader put it:

“She’s on some kind of campaign against tacky looking artificial flowers. (See, the problem with that is the people who actually have the tacky looking flowers…they don’t know it. They think plastic looks good. And real.)”

Well, at least it was fun!

What to do with all of that fake ivy you are now too embarrassed to keep? Martha has a great idea {who are we fooling–I’m sure Martha doesn’t even know about this idea because her many writers do it} of what to do with all of your dusty old ivy. Spray paint it black for Halloween! Someone did this on their blog too and had a great photo–if you are reading this make yourself known with a link in the comments please!

One more thing…..

Earlier this week Kim asked me if I would let you all know about the online auctions she was having to raise money for NieNie. {click on the button above and then to to “about Nie” if you haven’t already heard their story}. Kim is the queen of creative connections and gave lots of us our big break in blogland. She’s got about 40 more items to action off so fly on over and check out the loot!

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