Guess who finally got fresh fringe. It’s always more fun to make something when you have new materials. And now I am knee deep in fringe and little strings that follow me all over the house.

I made this big bunny tassel the other day and I adore her so much that I cannot part with her. It’s a sickness I tell you.

She’s so exquisite and grand that she needed her own miniature tassels around her neck.

So, instead of an actual post with a fun project or some brilliant insight {there’s a first time for everything} this is what I have. I’m completely swamped with fringe and stuff because I’ve been invited to do a show and for the first time in 2 years, I agreed! I’ll tell you all about it soon but, if you live close, keep November 8th open–I’d love to meet you in Greensboro, NC! And if you live far away and for some reason don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on a plane ticket, you can spend your hard earned cash in my etsy shop where I’m listing some useless, yet beautiful tassels today.