Have you ever been to the BLACKLION? It is heaven on earth! It’s aisle after aisle, row after row of booths and shops all gathered under one roof. Think of the most fantastic, beautifully decorated, most unique gift shop in your town. Now think of that and hundreds of others just as amazing and just as unique all lined up together for your shopping pleasure. And guess who’s tassels are now available at the BLACKLION?

Here’s the shop where my tassels are sold. It’s called Total Bliss and yes, it is. I took this photo while Nancy, the owner was still setting up and bringing stuff in for the grand opening of a new location.



So, now it’s all up and running and open to the public but here’s a shot down one of the many aisles a few days before the grand opening. Every place the wall juts out is a separate shop.

This aisle really has their act together, they were ready really early. I don’t know where they find so many great shop owners. The all must come from planet “I have fantastic taste and you will wish that you do too and therefore want to purchase everything in my shop.”

Furniture, lamps, pillows, gifts, art….

Back to Total Bliss again. I have a secret to tell you. It’s the best shop in the BLACKLION. No lie. Nancy is from planet “I have the best taste out of everyone who exists and I’m so down to earth that you will instantly love me and after you see my luscious shop you will want to smuggle a sleeping bag and microwave into it and live in it forevermore.”

Oh my, look at that delectable tassel hanging on the back of that chair! I miss my pine cone tassel but she is so happy to be there.

And this is Nancy. I want to be her when I grow up. Think of the classiest lady, southernest lady, and ladyest lady that you know and mix them all together and you get Nancy. And she’s fun too! She’s a member of this club.

Goodbye my love.

Farewell scrumptious Ragamuffin Garland.

Visit the BLACKLION north of Charlotte, NC in Huntersville exit 25 off of I-77. Total Bliss is in the right front corner.