What I’m Keeping

Here’s that keeping room I told you about. This is the view from the kitchen. I love this room. I think it’s supposed to be the dining room. But then what would I do with this big empty space in my kitchen? Plus, it sounds so fancy to call it a keeping room.

We have a sofa and a chair and it’s just a sweet little sitting area. The sun shines in really warm in the mornings. I love that part too.

I’m not gonna paint any walls here. How do you like my white plates on white walls? It wouldn’t be my first choice but, it’s somewhat soothing. And, it’s paid for, that’s extremely soothing. Remember that iron thing in the middle? Yard sale last year $1.

Above is a wooden file cabinet I found at the Goodwill last year. Down below is one handle for it that I fell in love with at Hobby Lobby. Maybe I can find it’s mate at my sister‘s Hobby Lobby while I’m visiting her TODAY!!

Our computer stays here too. This is actually the borrowed computer. Abraham Lincoln’s computer. Don’t let that hard, shiny, white outer shell fool you, it’s old, outdated and totally uncool. And have I mentioned slow? But it’s still a zillion times better than no computer.

Remember the sexy back hutch project? Still love it. And my hot glue survived the move–no touch ups needed!

Black pillow from the Goodwill. Scratches on my much loved so very versatile chair.

And there’s that light that we still haven’t hung.

Am I boring you with this yet? Maybe tomorrow we can see what Em and I did together! See you then!

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