More Room

Well, some of you wanted to see the other walls and I don’t blame you. It’s a tight room so here’s the armoire. Remember, from our old living room? Now we have a TV hole over our fireplace so we get to this pretty piece in our room. I love it in here. It’s full of toilet paper, linens and all my hair stuff. I sit on that chair and dry my hair. I started doing that 18 months ago when we lived in the condo because it was too hot and small in the bathroom. Same here. I prefer sitting anyway and I keep my hair dryer plugged in and just throw it under the armoire when I’m done.

You can tell we’ve moved a few times. I’ll use my furniture touch up pen on that one.

We won this mirror at a benefit auction. No one else was bidding. It was black and BRIGHT gold. Nothing a little 79 cent acrylic paint can’t fix. I put it on with my finger. Hate me.

God forbid.

Much better. Can you believe I forgot to put a tassel on there? I hate this wall. It would look so much better if the walls were painted. The off white on off white really has no impact but, I am not painting here. It’s my challenge to use color in other ways. I dressed it up with a pile of clean clothes on the plant stand. Next post, mistreating our shower/tub see you tomorrow!

{disclaimer, I am completely aware that these photos are horrid I’m halfway to a new computer!}

I said ‘I’ 15 times.

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