Master Bedroom

Here’s our room. Yes, I know that my skirt is poofy. No, it’s not always that poofy, I poofed it special, for you. I made the skirt and duvet cover myself with a sewing machine. I am very proud. One of my sons even barfed on it and it held up in the wash. A true sign of my craftsmanship.

There is one thing in particular I want to talk about. {try not to see how crooked this duvet cover is–another true sign of my craftsmanship}

It seems every where I look my eye is drawn to a certain something.

A certain wall. And if I could edit photos this would be strait and bright and true to life. I’m trying to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

You know how much I love plates on the wall. I decided to pack them in this time and now I regret that I hadn’t done it earlier. I adore this wall. I love the dimension, the colors the shapes and the price! Plates are inexpensive people and the plate hangers can be found at the dollar store or online.

I started in the middle and hung the rectangular platter and worked my way out. I had a photo of the process on my old computer but let’s not talk about that yet.

What ever tassel is my current favorite gets the place of honor on my lamp. I’ll list this one later today.

I also need to thank you all so much for your crazy purchasing yesterday. I cannot stress how much I was completely surprised at how much sold! It was my biggest day ever–even compared to shows I have done! Thank you! I know the store was pretty empty. I hate to keep talking about me and my big self and my big computer woes but I am under computer attack! Yesterday I did not have internet service for 8 hours strait–in the middle of the day!

Some people have asked if I can post when I list things. The way it works on etsy is that I can only list one thing at a time. It is taking me about 15 minutes to post each item on this computer. So if I have 6 to list, after I list 3, 2 have sold! It’s crazy and I thank you. I hope they aren’t all pity buys because you want me to stop whining. I wonder if some people will get the box, see it’s from Nesting Place and toss it in the trash. You won’t, right?

I am still behind on my email and have completely stopped reading blogs except for my sisters. This post alone is taking me twice as long as normal! As soon as I get my new computer I’ll get back in the swing of things!

Now, I’m off to list some tassels–today I have lots of dogs but I’ll have some small tassels again soon. And this afternoon I’ll start shipping! And I’m still catching up on shipping from last week due to computer issues. I think I’m gonna start blaming the computer on everything. High gas prices? My computer probably had something to do with it. My apologies.


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