Several of you left a comment on yesterday’s post about my beautiful, rare, delicate, highly sought after, expensive, limited edition, rich people, and other snooty references, china. Doncha wish your china was nice like mine? Doncha?

Look at that photo above and meet my $2.50 serving platter from a yard sale and my dollar store white plate. This stuff is the opposite of China. It’s more like made in China.

I spent the most on this ceramic finial–it was a splurge: $7.99 at one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx.
White dishes are the most rewarding to collect. They all look great together no matter what the pattern is, they have high impact when placed on a painted wall or interesting background, they are cheep. Cheap. Not only that, but once your friends and family realize that you love white dishes you are totally set for life. I have white dishes spilling out of every thing I own. Thanks Mom and MIL for those great white serving platters! I know my mom got me a set of two huge serving platters from Costco for $20 a few years back.

You can read more about my dish obsession over at Blissfully D. Look carefully at the vase above. It’s been broken in this house full of boys–more than once. Super glue is your friend. Oh and see that black and white dotted dish? Have you ever gone to one of those paint your own pottery places with your girlfriends and have no idea what to paint on your $25 platter that doesn’t turnout freakeshly cartoonish? Well, paint it all black {yes, your friends will taunt and question you} then get that textured white paint and make dots. Look how almost cute that turned out. And let me tell you, when it was time to pick up our pottery, they taunted me no more.

If you are wondering about that pretty platter above that was a wedding gift–we registered at Pier One. This is one of the few surviving items that we got and I love it and use it. It was a $20 gift. That gingham plate was in a set of 2 for $5 at Target.

Here’s the trick to hanging plates on your wall. Oh, and you already know what I’m gonna say about that one up there. It doesn’t have to cost lots of money to make you happy and it sure doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!