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I forgot to try to trick y’all into going over to both Chic Critique {where my sister and I make complete fools of ourselves} and Blissfully Domestic where I lead you to some of my favorite blogs that always inspire me. I just know that you are dying to know every single thing I do, eat, and breathe. Can’t you just not get enough of Me, Myself, and I?

But, if you click over there from here, it makes me look so wonderfully popular and then I feel all great about myself which in turn makes me want to blog more and ultimately, results in more creative and inspiring posts for you! See, so really if you go there, you get rewarded.


PS Because this is my blog and I can wreck it all up as I see fit, I am posting a cute photo that I just found of my two youngest boys. Have I ever told you that I had 3 boys in 3.5 years? These two are 12 months and 3 weeks apart. And this is the biggest snow that we got this year.


  1. This made me laugh…I don’t know whether it’s because you have 2 boys so close together(so do I and I know how crazy things get) or your down right honesty!

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