Big news. Big, big news. It’s big to me at least.

What started as me being a cheep, lazy fabric hoarder has turned into such a fun little phenomenon. Dozens of you have sent me photos and sweet emails telling me that you are so happy to finally have something up on your windows! I was embarrassed at first of my mistreatments and always apologized to others who saw them. I would lie through my teeth and say “Oh, I’ll be getting rods for that soon and then I’ll sew it. I just want to see how it will look.” I knew full well that I would never be taking down that fabric until we moved!

Then, my sister in law wanted to copy my bedroom mistreatments. I actually pleaded with her to get rods and not do what I did. Her mom is a great seamstress and can sew wonderfully, I told her to take advantage of that. She assured me that she liked how mine looked and didn’t think it needed rods. She was right. Look, here are her bedroom windows all nested up!

She didn’t stop there, she was tired of her taupe/gray store bought drapes so we picked out a couple coordinating fabrics to add to what she already had. Her mom did turn and stitch the edges for her. But look, it’s just a half width and a separate panel but it adds such interest and warmth!

And look at her cute topper! She just flattened it, out nothing fancy there! Oh, and you can see where she flipped the fabric over to hide the raw edges at the clip! Add cute fringe — DONE! Cute fringe can fix just about anything! Got an ugly lampshade? Add cute fringe. Got an old pillowcase? Add cute fringe! Got an ugly purse…

Then my own sister was tired of not having soft warm fabric over her kitchen window. She blurted out to me on the phone, “I don’t want it to be perfect, I just want it to be beautiful!” We came up with these within minutes and I mustered up the courage to show them to you.

So, I wanted to give all of you who have mistreated and lived to tell about it a little gift. A gift of a button for your sidebar that when properly installed links back to me therefore multiplying my traffic. Ain’t I thoughtful? I never cease to amaze me. But really, you have made this so fun for me and I feel like we are all kind of related and should form our own little club. A club of mistreaters. And here’s our secret handshake!

If you have mistreated windows and want to tell the world of your glory and intelligence, simply click here and my personal Blog Designer Darcy will tell you how to do it! It’s so easy!

Maybe you painted your living room or office Tobacco Road. Or, maybe you haven’t mistreated or painted but still love me and want to make me happy and feel all important and like a real pretend designer, you can add this one also by clicking here. Maybe you haven’t done anything but just like the quote. Maybe you stopped reading this paragraphs ago.

Look, there she even did two different sizes for me! This woman works like a dog I tell you! A smart, fast, reliable pleasant DOG!

Okay people, can I tell you how fabulous Darcy is? She made this baby change words for me!!! She uses some fancy words to describe it like rotate or animate or blink or vibrate but all I know is I thought I needed 10 different buttons and she came up with this brilliant idea! She even made one just in case the rotating one drives you insane. She thinks of everything! I am in love with this woman! She designed my blog too and if you missed it, I wrote all about how I won that here!

Darcy had this up and running before I could proof read my last post. She is FAST! Shazam! If I hadn’t changed my mind 33 times I would have had this for you on Sunday! I cannot say enough good things about this woman! I cannot sing her praises loud enough! If you need something done for your blog or etsy shop and don’t know where to begin or how to even describe what you want–she’s the one for you! I feel like she can read my mind. Oh, and here’s her own cute little button–click on it and it magically takes you to her design blog! It’s fun to read because not only does she show what blogs she is currently working on, she also writes helpful tips like how to center things on your sidebar and how to change fonts and get zillions of colors!

Graphically Designing

Thanks so much Darcy! I don’t know how you have time for this while homeschooling your 3 Boybarians and shoveling all that snow!