Behold, a very dull post

Well, I was sposed to have a wonderful, delightful, life changing post yesterday and I have to tell you that I am not finished. Actually, I am not finished barking off my demands to my blog designer, Darcy. Let my adjust my crown. She is making something kind of fun for us! So, since all I seem to do these days it boss you around and tell you where to go, I thought I would continue..

Go thee over to Blissfully D and read all about my bare nekkid something or other. Oh, and that photo I used at BD is from my sister’s house whose name is Sophie Marie. The house, not the sister.

Also I wanted to tell you that cloches are on sale at Kirklands for $9.97 or $9.99 or something really embarrassing like that. Mine had a huge stack of them and they started at $29.99 or $29.97 or something really rich like that.


  1. Very nice job… Thanks for sharing this amazing and educative blog post!

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