The Sale

I know that y’all are all ready for me to tell you about my obsession with metal barn stars and painting with a paper towel but, I’ve got to tell you about this past weekend’s sale first. Tomorrow, I promise well have stars. Get your stars and paint and tacks ready!

It happens twice a year. My mom and I went to spend the night with my sister so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the 10:00 am opening. Oh, look how ridiculously early we were! That’s my sister with the cute bag.

We got in line–look how close to the front we were. We knew that deeply discounted fabric and trims were calling for us from within. There’s the man that is the owner–I think–I also think I worried him with all of my picture taking. One year they put lots of fabric outside and had it roped off with caution tape and we all lined up and he came outside with a step ladder and megaphone to come tell us all the rules of how to play nice and not fight over stuff. I love caution tape mixed with sales.

This is where I dream about shopping for fringe.

This is where I actually shop for fringe.

I get really excited about a sale especially when it’s not too organized. This one was organized but still exciting.

Look! There’s Jenipher with the “ph”! She’s busy cutting my sister’s cheap fabric. Look how happy she is! She just LOVED that I took her picture!

Here’s what I came home with. I won’t dare tell you that I spent $189.23 on fringe alone. That would be embarasing and you might think me quite insane.

Heaven help me–I paid $16.88 per yard for that fringe? Wait, I feel so much better because it was $33 a yard, so I got it for a big discount. Phew, that was a close one!

I was running dangerously low on fringe. I only had this…

And this…
and this…
and about three more buckets. Talk about a close one.

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