More Free Things

Oh, aren’t you having heart palpatations just reading that?!? I’m gonna get in all sorts of trouble for using two “?’s” and a “!” in one sentence.

1) Here’s one more spring decor idea that I will probably keep up for months if not years. I found some sticks in my yard and spray painted them white. FREE. Had the urn, had the nests, had the eggs. Fills up lots of empty space!

2) My sweet bloggy friend Chickadee is doing a big bunch of give aways including this tassel. You can enter to win all sorts of fun things and she’ll pick the winners on Monday–her birthday! Happy Birthday Girl! Again–FREE!

3) Rhoda had totally made my day buy WHOOPS–I mean by {no buying here} doing a great accent wall, and backing her bookshelves with scrapbook paper. She always has to show off how talented she is! Fly over there and get some inspiration–FREE! {she’s got give away connections too–scroll down for the inspiration}

4)Last FREE thing: there is one more give away over at Apronista that has me all hot and bothered! Check it out and I hope you win–that is if I don’t win. But, I never win anything.


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