I won’t be posting today

Apparently Blogger broke over the weekend and now it’s close to impossible to upload, download, or in my case overload photos. I CANNOT do a post without pictures. Why, why? Why can’t the word part be broken? I could SO do a post without words.

So, I cannot tell you about the fantastic sale that my sister and I went to on Saturday or about the glorious fringe and trim that I bought. I cannot tell you about the wedding that I’m decorating for this Saturday and show you the GIGANTIC centerpiece that is taking over the NASCAR room and frightening my boys. I can’t show you a fun grouping of metal stars that I made from taking stars down from every room in my house and then painted with a paper towel and put up over the piano. I cannot tell you about the toaster strudel I’m about to eat or the iced coffee I’m drinking.

I cannot and I will not. I’m sorry. I’ll be back as soon as the photo thing is working. Until then, go read a blog or two that has words that are fun to read by themselves like Chatting at the Sky or Bye Bye Pie. Two of my favorites.

Sorry Sister Honey Bunch–this is now the longest post that you never read!

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