Blame it on the Man

Do you have one of those empty spaces under the counter in your bathroom? I do. I mean, I’m really happy to have such a long counter and all but what’s a girl to do there? I have a feeling some well meaning male came up with the idea to put a big hole where there should be extra storage.

Maybe it was to save money. Maybe he thought all us womenfolk would like to sit down on a chair whilst we prettied ourselves up. Honesty, could you sit that far away from the mirror and pluck? I climb up on top of the counter half the time to get a better view.

So, I was stuck with this awful space. I pulled out my stash of fabric and found something that worked in the bathroom. I did get out the sewing machine for this one but you sure wouldn’t have too. I hemmed the bottom, stitched the sides and then using 3 upholstery tacks, tacked it to the bottom of the drawer frame. Now, I hide my trash and cleaning supplies all cute like. And, I love having as much fabric in the bathroom as possible. All those hard surfaces make for a cold feeling and looking room!


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