Hello World

I’ve missed you all so much. I have been busy over at Mrs. Fussypants’ new online magazine Blissfully Domestic! Yes, that Fussy has done it again! I’m not sure which she has more of, boys or websites! I am one of nine or ten other women who will be writing about everything from health, to makeup, organization, menu planning and of course, design among other things. I’m the design person. Imagine that! I am so flattered! I’m gonna try my best not to wreck it all up.

There is also a ning network {I have no idea how to explain what that is} I’m guessing most of you know about that stuff . Fussy had to tell me a million times because I was so confused. Anyhow, here’s the link, I would love for you to join! It’s a fun place where there are forums and friendships and we can all kind of meet and greet! I would love to see you there and please ask me to be your friend! I just started my first discussion on paint colors so, if you are dying to share your favorite color, click here!

Please tune in again in a few hours. I have a burning design dilemma that I need your help with! Until then, see you over at Blissfully Domestic!

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