Not the most inspiring window treatment in the world but, for $10 and 3 minutes, it’ll do.
I should be way too ashamed to post pictures of these. If for any reason, you might have thought I had an ounce of class you will now know the truth. But, also know that this house has about 39 windows and I cannot and will not purchase anything for them.

I do have lots of fabric scraps and even yards and yards of some fabric just packed away. So, I pulled out this neutral plaid, ripped the piece in half and hung each side with three upholstery tacks. Yes, ripped. First, I am very impatient to the point that cutting fabric takes too long. Second, I have found that depending on the fabric, if you rip it, you get a cleaner, straighter line that almost self heals. My sister just informed me that straighter is not a word. When ripped, some fabric will fold up on itself just a tiny bit but, enough to hide the raw edge. Not many people come up to our room but, I wanted something on the windows to soften the room. I think it’s perfectly imperfect.

Also, this just in: I found a solution for the chair issue: {I used two :’s opps}
it’s this sweet worn piece that I picked up today at a thrift store
it came with a matching table and I got them both for $45.
Much better, don’t you think? I’ll be putting the other chair in our bedroom.