Ya’ll don’t want music do you? You need furniture and fabric and lamps. So let’s get to it!

I was so inspired when reading Meredith’s blog, Like Merchant Ships. She is smartly frugal and knows when, where and how to spend money. Well, I saw a chair that she bought second hand for less than $100 dollars and decided that I was gonna find me an inexpensive chair. Here’s her chair, love her! Actually, hate her! {please don’t sue me for using your photo}

So, I get to the Goodwill and they actually have a pretend leather chair. This is totally breaking Meredith’s rule of trying to buy stuff that is real and not fake. Strike one. But, look how cute the back is!!! I’m in love!

Ok, so it’s got a little wood on the edges. Strike two. That’s not so bad. Look at those cute covered buttons. Love. Meredith would approve of this, right?Hmmm, it does have those 1960’s wood arm end things. Strike three. But, I really love the back!
Well, I got it and now I’m stuck with trying to make it work. It’s is no where near the chair that Meredith found and I think I might have wasted $29. Does anyone have any ideas here? I could paint the wood. Maybe I could sit it behind a table. It does sit well. I could put it in the boys room. Those arms are awful. As June would say, Sanford and Son called, they want their fake leather wooden arms back. Only, she would make it funny.

Besides an ugly chair with a cute back, I also got:Pretty white lamp $4 I had the shade and it’s black in real life, not purple. I found a bunch of lamp finial things a few months ago for 50 cents each and bought a few for this very reason.
Also, a pretty childern’s book $1/ white candlestick $1.69 {I love white stuff} /new pottery barn frame $2/wooden mom and baby–completely not my style but even I know that these are worth more than $2 and lots of people collect them. I have a feeling that figurine was strike four.