So, what do you think? Ya’ll had such wonderful, ambitious ideas. But, I am LAZY!

Here’s a list of all the things I want to do:
Paint my son’s queen size sleigh bed
Paint my armiour {again, I am gonna copy Meredith and do the inside a contrasting color}
Find a place to use some old plantation shutters
Hang something in the playroom
Hang something in the boys rooms
Make a slip cover for the naked sofa in our bedroom {that’ll be right after I win the Nobel Peace Prize}
Take a shower everyday
Remember to homeschool my boys

Eventually, I am gonna paint the wood arm things and then after I hate that, I’ll give Tamara a call and have her tell me how to recover it. That sounds like fun. For real, if I had two days by myself I’d be all over that chair. After I disinfect it. I hope no one gave birth on that chair or worse, threw up on it. Or died. I mean, why else would someone get rid of such a fine specimen?