A visit with my sister

My mom and my three boys and I went to my sister’s house yesterday. Her home is lovely and so inspiring that I thought I’d share some photos. Look down here, doncha just love these drapes and want to wrap up in them and make a prom dress out of them? I always think of drapes as gowns for the windows.

Even with twin, 4 year old girls and an 18 month old manchild underfoot you get a feeling of quiet, peace and serenity because of the calming colors she used as a backdrop. I think this is one of my 10 favorite places in her house. The wall of shame I mean fame. Using only white frames and photos finished in black and white puts the focus on the photo itself. This method also allows her to use photos that are 50 years old and ones taken just a few months ago and they all look great together! Look, she even added a few plates in there for good measure!

While I was there we worked on this very lady-like round table…

And, this window treatment in her kitchen…but, we’ll talk more about those another day.

The real point of this post is to show you her kitchen makeover. Here she is using her kitchen island as God really intended…to pull up the before and after photos that I insisted she share with you.
Here is the kitchen before she even moved in. The old owners were apparently stuck in the 80’s. Poor, poor souls.

And now….
WOW! And let me tell you, there was no knocking down of walls, shopping for new cabinets or unlimited budget! Look, see those sassy cabinets? They are so proud of themselves now. Why, you ask? PAINT. That’s right black paint. Oh the wonders of black paint. That too is another post but, let me just say that the world is a better place because of these cabinets. I wish I could live in this kitchen and oh, how I wish I could paint my cabs black. Maybe the owner wouldn’t notice.


  1. I know that this is such an old post, but do you know what color paint was used on the kitchen walls? I have the same black cabinets and white backsplash and I love how the color looks with them! Great choice!

  2. LOL! I like this post because of the following reasons:

    1. you typed “doncha”
    2. you typed “sassy”
    3. you typed “Maybe the owner wouldn’t notice.”


  3. lol! Julie. Im trying to disect this too! Sis’s site, Chatting at the Sky, says the paint is Sherman Williams Ivoire. Now it’s my turn……….Would you know the name or manufacturer of the fabric you used to make the valance in the kitchen? I absolutely love this re-do!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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