Love me some Pride

I finally did it.

To start at the start, I read my first Jane Austen book this summer. You know the one. Pride and Predjudice. Prejudice. I decided last year that I needed to read some classics so I could pretend to be cultured.

Of course, I loved it. Who wouldn’t? In the book, it took me a looooong time to realize that I was supposed to like Mr. Darcy. Oh, by the way, when I refer to “I”, I mean me and Elizabeth Bennet because you know, I am her at least when I read it – I’m her.

See, that’s the only reason I like the book more than the movie. Even though I like the movie too (0kay maybe even more). It’s so much easier to pretend it’s me in the book as opposed to seeing skinny Keira Knightly on the screen. A constant reminder that I am not her. And in turn, not Elizabeth. However, if I were Keira, I would have pushed those bangs out of my eyes a little more often.

But Mr. Darcy. Oh, I like him so much better in the movie.

Now, I am kind of depressed. I am so weird. I am sad that I have already seen the movie and read the book. That’s it. It’s over. I can’t meet them again for the first time. Do you get sad like that? I know there are other versions of P&P but, I don’t want to watch any right now because then it will really be over. And my pretend life as Elizabeth will be over too. At least I won’t have to worry about my bangs.

So which Austen Character are YOU?


  1. Love! This was the first movie I remember enjoying with my husband after we got married. Unfortunately, I’m probably “sense” from S&S. Bleck, but trying to shake things up. = )

  2. Love is alwaus the best thing!

  3. I love this game!

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