My sister is an ISFP. You know, like the Virgin Mary, and fun people like Lisa Kudrow? My honey is ENFP they put him in the same list as Bill Cosby, Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock – love him already! Me, well I do have the same personality type of someone in the Bible. Thomas. As in Doubting. That’s right! I have a lot in common with a long list of boring male presidents including George W. Bush. Apparently, I like numbers, order, timelines, and facts and I usually am more comfortable with those things than actual people. Here’s a jucy tidbit: if I were a man I would most likely think having a mustache is a good idea. Wow, don’t you want to be my friend?
Oh yeah, I almost forgot…I also have the same personality as Eeyore.


  1. Hi there! Dunno how I came upon this old post, but I thought it was pretty uncanny! I am an ISFP and my mother is an ENFP. Crazy. When you found out what your personality results were, did you feel excited reading about yourself like, “Yeah! They get me!”, or did you go the Eeyore route? “I am what I am. Thanks for noticing”? Cheers!

    P.S. Recently read your post about doing Nesting Place full time and getting out of debt – thanks for the inspiration! I’m grateful to know it can be done!

  2. My husband’s an ISTJ, and I’m the ENFP! :)

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