No, it’s not a dinosaur. It’s a genetic disorder that my seven year old son has. I just found out today. Before you start to worry, just look at that close up of his pinky finger. Yes, ladies and gentleman (wait, who am I kidding?) yes, emily and heather, that is clinodactyly in all its glory.

Both of his pinkys are curved. I asked the Dr. about it when he was born, it was one of the first things I noticed about this blonde child. I googled it today, just for fun and I found all kinds of neat info.

Other than that, he’s normal. Except for the fact that he perfers ceasar salad, black olives and shrimp to a grilled cheese sandwich. Or, that he has an uncanny ability to make fantastic sound effects of NASCARs that even strangers comment how realistic they sound. Or that he occasionally wipes his hiney on our guest towel in the guest bathroom where guests frequent. That was a fun discovery. Don’t worry according to him it’s only when we are out of flushable wet wipes. Which we haven’t had for at least three weeks.


  1. Actually I have Clinodactyly as well, which is funny because I am the only one in both my family and or town that has this. I know I’m not adopted because I have my father’s eyes ( they change color) and my mothers features, cheeks mainly. But I was wondering if you have ever been asked if you broke your pinkies, happens to me quite a bit.

  2. I had to read your ‘middle child’ category because I myself am a middle and I have three kiddos of my own. Your guest towel report made me laugh so hard I snorted! My daughter Adaleine is my middle and she would find that logic completely sensible. I love it!

  3. adam griffiths says

    yeah i have it aswell and my 2 year old son Noah has it aswell

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