Wooden Gate Screens

An alternative to drapes, Window Mistreatments by Funky Junk Interiors made to look like wooden screen gates.  Absolutely stunning!

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  1. Jenny Gannon says:

    I am seriously addicted to your website. Quick question: where did you get all your cool framed silhouette pictures? Did you make them all? Thanks!

    • hmm, I think you are talking about the ones in my family room? I’ve written a few pots about them, search “silhouette” in the search area under Posts in that tabbed box up there. Lena Bengston a local artist did them for me and I LOOOOVE them!

  2. love, love, LOVE this idea!

  3. Thanks for the feature, Nester! Just facebooked this. :)


  4. LOVE this! Donna, I saw this on FB and came right over b/c I also follow Nester regularly. These are beautiful. I actually bought a bunch of small window shutters from Habitat ReStore for $5 each hopinig they would fit as “cafe curtain” style ones in my breakfast nook, but no dice. Soooo, I’m thinking of unconventional ways to use them as decorative, like Nester’s mantle. But I’m coming up a little “dry” in the idea department. Now this would be a cool linky party to get ideas from others! ;)


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