Tab Top Transformation

Elisabeth from bovagoods hacked this $24 pair of Ikea Tab Top Drapes.

By cutting off the tabs, she turned casual drapes into something more formal. Elisabeth chose to fold and sew her drapes but, if you didn’t want to sew, you could stop at this step and use ring clips to hang them. Just make sure you make a clean cut really close to the hem when cutting off the tabs.

She also hung them when they were damp so they would dry with wrinkles to resemble linen~how smart is that? Visit her blog bovagoods to read all about her drapes.

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  1. Also…tab tops typically have a pocket under the tabs. I put my rod through that pocket and folded the tabs behind the rod.

  2. Ahh yes! LOVE this idea. I did the exact same thing with a different pair of tab top drapes from IKEA. I ended up using the ring clips to avoid sewing just as you said :).

  3. Great hack! Here’s another idea: For our guest room my mom folded the tabs back and stitched them down to create back-tab curtains. She only used about 1/3 of the length to make my “new” curtains, so I got even more mileage from the curtains by using the leftover fabric as the back of a pillow cover. It saved me a bit of sewing since the pieces were already seamed!

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